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Mr. Trump is gone, killed in a blink, crushed by his ego at his own inauguration. It happened the moment he placed his hand on the Bible. No one else was injured, though Chief Justice Roberts gown was ruffled. The Justice reported hearing a loud swoosh and when it passed there was nothing but a spot of orange matter custard on the stage in front of him. The crowd was stunned but soon started chanting: clean him up, clean him up.

I didn't want to think about it and so retired to a nearby coffee shop where a cup of my favorite french roast calmed my mind. It was then I noticed the cup I was drinking from had a picture of the almost president and the slogan drain the swamp beneath. I took a picture of the cup, and tweeted: today the @realDonaldTrump disappeared, and the swamp began to drain.



It's an interesting article Norm. I was a little frustrated by the 'per student' stats though. Is it possible the 'per student' funding is going down because there are more students? I think that's partly the reason. I found some stats that show total state funding of higher education. It doesn't go back as far as I would like, but it's all I could find: https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2016/01/25/state-support-higher-education-rises-41-percent-2016

While I agree a better educated work force should translate into higher future incomes for the states that invest in higher education, I expect there is a point where that is no longer true.

Not everybody is college material, yet high schools and politicians keep telling them it's some kind of right. For many of these students, not only are we setting them up for failure when they finally drop out, but now they have a huge debt that will prosperity their future income for decades. It's an evil thing to do to our next generation, yet we pat ourselves on the back for it.

...diminish their future prosperity. I really should proof-read before I post.


In the past we've provided a public education through grade 12. That is no longer enough. We need to provide more at least an extra couple of years. Did you read the article called "Fuck Work" it explains the problem.

Yes, I read it. It didn't explain why we need to go to school an extra couple of years.

It was pretty nauseating, so I may have missed the part where it did. Could you point me to the relivent paragraph?

Does it bother you at all that the author failed to explain the reason for the 'per student cuts' wasn't entirely from actual cuts, but from having to spread the spending over a larger population of students? If it weren't reinforcing your opinion, would it be fair to deem this 'fake news'?

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