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The Emperor's New Clothes

You remember the story. The king hires a couple of hucksters who tell him they can weave garments so fine that they are invisible to the stupid and those unfit for their jobs. The king hires them. His entourage all pretend that they can see the garment so as not to lose their jobs and appear stupid. It's not until the King displays his new clothes to the town that the problem is obvious. Everyone pretends to see the clothes but one young boy who points out the King's nakedness. Whereupon the whole town see's it for what it is, but the king continues unwilling to acknowledge his lack of clothes.

Richard Dawkins has been pointing out for a long time how the personal gods man has created are like the emperor's new clothes, but instead of being admired for his honesty, for his frankness, like the boy in the story. He is told that such things are just not said in polite company. And so there are those who continue pretending that the problem is with Dawkins and not them. They believe it is okay to pretend that their God exists They have faith (pretending to know something you have no evidence for) and that is enough. They are as hypocritical as the characters in Hans Christian Andersen's tale.



So true, Norm.

Also, "such things are just not said in polite company" makes the assumption that the company being spoken to is polite when in fact they are far from it.

My personal sensibilities occasionally are challenged by the brashness of the publicity grabs by certain people and groups categorized as "new atheists" but I will take a thousand Dawkins/Hitchens types in the press over another Falwell/Robertson/Huckabee/Cruz/Palin/Bachman/etc/etc/etc… polluting the national dialogue with lies, ignorance and outright hatred.


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