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If I recall correctly, you favored Clinton over Obama because she was for mandating everyone buy health insurance. Do you still think that's a good idea?

I think it makes about as much sense as forcing everyone to buy houses to fix homelessness.

I think it makes about as much sense as forcing everyone to buy houses to fix homelessness.

I hope you're being facetious because that's a terrible analogy. The ACA expands Medicaid for poor adults, albeit for states who choose to accept the feds to cover all the cost. The whole point of forcing people to buy health insurance for those not covered by this Medicaid expansion or through their employer is to increase the pool for aggregation of risk. The mechanism set up here is to pool people who currently don't have health insurance so that they have the same purchasing power and leverage that a big company does when they're negotiating with an insurance company.

Of course this only works if people starting joining. The opposition's logic is a weird one in which they are trying to prove how bad "Obamacare" is by making it unpopular and having it fail. You're welcome to disagree with it for ideological reasons regarding mandates (although this was a Republican idea long before Obama adopted it) but the plan behind it isn't as absurd as you make it out to be.

Yes, what I'm in favor of is a single player plan. Obamacare is better than nothing.

Erick has done a good job of explaining the parts you have ignored or are ignorant of. As to housing for the homeless, I think providing shelter is also a good idea. I think subsidized housing is better than no housing at all.


It all sounds great in theory guys, but for those of us who don't qualify for these subsidies, my insurance just went up by 30% over last year, and my deductible went up $2500 thanks to the 'affordable' care act.

Over 1 million people have had their insurance policies canceled just in California. I'm betting most of those people don't even qualify for subsidies, and are now forced to buy less affordable policies thanks to voters like you.

Here's why the analogy does work Erick: What if I'd rather be a renter?

Here's why the analogy does work Erick: What if I'd rather be a renter?

What's that got to do with the ACA? Are you asking what would happen if you don't want to join? There's a penalty you pay. You'd still pay this penalty regardless of whether its with "Obamacare" or not. If a person gets sick, goes to the E.R. but cannot pay, guess who foots the bill. Again, the whole point is to provide the right incentives so people join a pool which subsequently lowers cost.

Your subsequent rambling sounds more like ideological gripes overall rather than with the specific structure of the ACA.

No Erick, the renter analogy is the customer who would prefer a low premium insurance plan that covers him/her if the shit really hits the fan, but doesn't cover birth control, annual exams, pre-existing conditions, and maybe even accept a life-time cap.

I know that sounds crazy to a lot of older people, but to people in their twenties, the reality is most of them have very little need for medical care and since they are just getting rolling on their careers, feel that money is better spent on paying off student loans, finally getting a car that doesn't break down several times per year, saving up for a home, etc... Now these people are being forced to buy something they know they have very little use for, and even though most of them voted for Obama, they're starting to realize they're the ones footing the bill for older people or the 'pool' as you call it.

That insurance policy is no longer available, so yeah, they'll probably just opt for the fine and we'll get to foot the bill when the shit hits the fan.

What else would you like to see Americans forced to buy for the greater good? Union built cars? Windmills? Solar panels? College education? Broccoli? Handguns? Amtrak tickets? Soda Stream?

A soda stream sounds good

Ooh! Here's a good one: I bet Hillary could get at least a couple million out of AstraZeneca if she promises to threaten people with violence if they refuse their statin.


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