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You can consider this an open thread if you want to use it to exchange comments. I'm not finding much time to post these days instead I'm spending my time reading and birding. I have started to write a bit again at my Mostly Anecdotal blog if your interested. Perhaps Andy or Red can find some time to post something of interest.

Okay at least one link I found interesting.




Glad to hear you're taking the time to enrich your life. I do miss your wonderfully curated posts and outlook on the world, but after years of offering us such a wealth of insight and information it is good to see you are focusing inward and enjoying your life for all it's most simple, profound and beautiful pleasures.

"To hold oneself apart from society, is to begin to think one's way beyond it."

Birding will do that to you Norm. What starts as a pleasant diversion opens up a completely different way of being in the world. Thanks for everything, I've loved OneGoodMove, learned a lot. Good luck.

Rob Bate

Hi Norm, enjoy the good use of your time.

I found this in a dark corner, it includes a link to a vaccine/herd immunity simulator. Accent is a bit jarring, but the model is compelling.

And now I'll check your link. ;-)

Interesting article, seemed more a study of societal trends/perceptions than any real examination of the utility of "science" for replacing "religion".

I for one find the idea of a finite time on this earth rather comforting and precious. I do think there is room for the "faeries in the garden" that seemed to irritate Dawkins, just as long as one doesn't lose track of the fact that they aren't really there.

Well, very few people will ever really see the faeries in the garden.


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