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I guess Offit is one of those people whose books you can judge how good they are by how bad the 1-star reviews are.

Thanks for letting me know of this one. Goes into the pile.

re: lame duck prosthetic

Well guys, gotta say, seems to me the best thing to do with a lame duck is to turn it into soup stock. That's what I do with any laying hen who goes lame.

I was bemused by the comments about this tale on the website from which it was drawn. E.g.,, "Animals feel pain. Humans are no worthier than other speices. Of course it's good to have pets and spend billions on their food and care. It's hubris to say that those funds might be better spent feeding and educating human children." blah blah.

I mean, of course animals feel pain. Of course one must be responsible for the livestock one stewards. Sure I get the vet in to help trims toenails on the brood cows to keep them from going lame. But there is a cost/benefit consideration worth incorporating into one's decisions. A brood cow will live 15 - 20 years, and be productive for most of that. A chicken or duck? not so much. The productive life of a bird is about 2-3 years. The natural life is maybe 3 or 4.

A high tech prosthetic for a duck, is, to my way of thinking, a good decision ONLY if it's helpful in devising new techniques for human prosthetics.

...the best thing to do with a lame duck is to turn it into soup stock...

Especially in light of the fact that ducks that aren't lame are indeed turned into Peking duck every day.

A bit of the Grateful Dead mixed with the Rolling Stones attempting to be Bob Marley.

Soooo why is this blog dead all of a sudden? Is Norm just over it? Is he working more than one job now? I've been coming since 2005 and compared to back then this place is a tumbleweed's haven.

I'll try to post more often, but I know about Norm as much as you guys. I didn't wanna start posting more than he does, though!

it's all in how you phrase things. try this:

"check out our old friend jb engaging in genocide and ethnic cleansing by illegally occupying space on the planet which would otherwise be used by peaceful palestinian farmers to grow crops and herd goats and sheep, as they have since time immemorial on the land brazenly and mistakenly referred to as "samaria" by the zionists and their american puppets, until their land was brutally stolen by imperialist europeans pretending to be jews. notice that the pathetic rendition of this song being illegally played in palestine is of european origin."

I loled the first time I read this, i'm still loling... you're a bad boy jonathan becker aka Yoni.

:) where ya been woman? don't see u on fb anymore.

i mean, it's nice to see you here but i can barely make you out, what with all the tumbleweeds and dust all over everything. :)

Well, there wasn't a lot going on there so I decided to take a break from it. But then I didn't have a bajillian 'friends' like you do. ;-)

I might get back on to see what you're up to.

btw joann, it is, after all, a rolling stones song, and there certainly is a bit of grateful dead in everything i play, but i promise there is no attempt here whatsoever to do anything bob marley-ish. if you ever saw me make any such attempt (which i have and do on occasion) you would be TRULY horrified.

Well I did run across this which explains why I was teasing you.

But then doing a cover of Bob Marley is risky business.

And here you're mixing Bob Marley with the Grateful dead lol

uhh....did I miss something?


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