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The philosopher's critique of evolution wasn't shocking. So why is he being raked over the coals?



Seems to me that, unless I missed someone, the only relevant-field scientist kind of supporting Nagel is Roughgarden, and she's memorable for her terrible arguments for christianity at one of the Beyond Belief conferences.

Also, his "defenses" are riddled with arguments from authority:

The odd thing is, however, that for all of this academic high dudgeon, there actually are scientists—respected ones, Nobel Prize-winning ones—who are saying exactly what Nagel said, and have been saying it for decades. Strangely enough, Nagel doesn't mention them. Neither have his critics. This whole imbroglio about the philosophy of science has left out the science.

But I guess, as it's written, that's the fault of the writer of the article, cause he goes on to cite these people.

But highly regarded scientists have made similar arguments. "Life is almost bound to arise, in a molecular form not very different from its form on Earth," wrote Christian de Duve, a Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine, in 1995.

The dude is a medicine Nobel. And also, as if having a Nobel made one infallible.

Hey Norm, I know you didn't vote for Obama, but a lot of your readers did. It would be interesting if you posted some articles that were critical of him. He's literally doing all the stuff Bush was accused of and more! I would be interested if any of your readers regret their decision to hire him.

I doubt they regret their decision to help Romney not get elected.

I wouldn't be so sure Andyo. Can you remember all the 'anyone but Bush' chants because of all of his misdeeds? Here we have a president that has repeated and in some cases compounded what Bush did. Surely some of the readers here have a modicum of integrity.

Do you really think because Obama has done some bad things which Bush also did, they're equal? And Bush didn't run vs Obama, btw.

And please, stop with the passive aggressive insinuations about people who don't agree with your case not having integrity.

Of course I think people who don't agree with me have integrity. I'm just wondering if they're willing to demonstrate it here.

Come on Andyo, you can do it... say something unfavorable about our dear leader. Sure the NSA might pick up on it, but I assure you, your loyalty up to this point has bought you a lot of leeway.

Sometimes it helps to start with something small. Maybe Gitmo or pot. If that's too hard, try NCLB or golf.

If I'd known you'd like my own opinion (I can't vote) then I would have happily answered.

It's not hard for me. Basically I agree with Greenwald most of the time (including this fiasco), and have for years.

What I find funny is that Greenwald has been consistent throughout the years including the previous administration but just now conservatives and libertarians are having conservagasms about his reporting.

And yes, I still think Romney would have been worse, and any of the other Republicans that ran (excepting Huntsman) even worse than him.

So back to your claims, who are these liberals that are so in love with Obama that they never criticize him? All these so-called "liberal" media outlets are reporting this pretty critically.

Sorry, I don't read Greenwald, but baby steps are good. Now can you give it a try? Go ahead, tell us something Obama has done that really pisses you off.

See what I find interesting is that for the longest time (before Obama was annointed), this blog was overflowing with terms like megalomaniac, despotism, military-industrial complex, neo-con, corporatism, and of course the mandatory two minutes hate (Olbermann's Worst Person in the World).

It seemed shortly after the election, this became a bird watching site and I figured, and that's fine, nothing wrong with bird pictures. It wasn't just Norm though. It seemed all the formerly frothy mouth libs that seemed to care about things like repealing the Patriot Act, Closing Gitmo, ending wars, improving the economy etc... suddenly found new interests. Most of the things libs complained about under Bush are still here five years later, and yet none of the comments seem to reflect any concern.

It really makes me wonder if any of you really cared about these issues, or if you only cared about winning an election.

See my tete-a-tete with Red Seven on the Most Busted Name in News thread for some of the frothing you crave. :~D

Drones, wars, not repealing the Patriot Act, too ambivalent on gay rights, immigration and healthcare, and basically not being liberal enough. Also, too much godbotting.

The Overton Window has moved so far to the nutcase conservative side that Obama is actually a moderate, not a liberal or progressive.

I can only presume the others just don't feel like engaging your bait.

You're absolutely right about the Overton Window thing. I often wonder if that is by design. There are lots of voices yelling out there, but for some reason the "birthers," et al. seem to get the most coverage, which conveniently assists the Overton phenomenon. What if, say, Black Agenda Report and Cornel West and OWS got as much coverage as the birthers?


This comment is totally off topic, but I feel compelled to say this. I'm participating on foreign language forum. The majority of the participants are from Brazil. I know you're from Peru, yes, and yet it's oh so impressive the desire to master a foreign language as concerns Brazilians, being that their native language is Portuguese.

Ah, Andyo. Now you have both Syngas and discontented 'big daddy' attempting to bait you.

C'est triste alors.

Not sure BigDaddy's post was a bait, though I may post a GMO-related link or two in the near future, heh.

Re: Brazilians and Portuguese. I've been fantasizing about learning either Italian or Portuguese, only so I can say that I can speak 3 languages. I choose those because it's kind of cheating. Knowing Spanish they're very easy to learn compared to even English.

I understand some Japanese but can't speak more than a few choice words. I studied for years cause my parents wanted me to, but I was kind of a self-hating Japanese-Peruvian when growing up so it didn't take.

Regarding most of my current views on things, I understand now why my family always called me a "contrarian" (not meant as a compliment!), but I do wish I'd paid more attention in Japanese class!


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