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A Very Gay Supreme Court Day

And something that reminded me of a conversation with Syngas about Obama:

Wonder how a McCain/Romney appointee would have voted.

  • An old favorite:



To be honest, the rulings were rather uneventful. They're obviously impactful, especially the striking down of section 3 of DOMA which allows federal benefits to be given to gay couples of states who have legally married. But it leaves intact section 2 which does not allow recognitions of marriages performed in other states.

All I hope is that this hoopla and directed focus on gay marriage doesn't take away attention from other (possibly more important) issues like workplace discrimination. People might believe, once gay marriage is recognized nationwide, that we've "solved" the civil rights struggles for LGBT people.

Well, not if you're a homosexual person in CA, this is quite a victory here.

Also, it might not be very impactful for most LGBT folks, but for some it was very much so. I read of one gay man who is married to a citizen whose deportation was stopped soon after the ruling. And pretty sure there are many similar cases.

just saw a show on the Documentary TV channel -" Proposition 8 - the Mormon Initiative."

It revealed the extent to which the LDS church was the driving force behind both the Hawaiian and Californian Anti-gay initiatives. Pretty appalling. Makes you wanna remove all tax exempt status for churches/non-profits, 'specially those who use this protected status while functioning as Political Action Committees, interfering with Initiative processes in other States. Shameful.

What do y'all think about the Supremes striking down Fed oversight of Voting rights infringements? As if… we are all, like, OVER voter suppression. NOT.

It took Perry and his minions about two days to put new voting restrictions into place after the ruling. Perry has to be about the most corrupt governor in the US. A pig of gargantuan proportions.


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