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Howard Stern - Evolution and Creationism

This is kind of hilarious. Like often happens on Youtube, I got to this video via the related links. I didn't expect Stern to be so vocal about this.



It seems evolution is something that people know very little about but have a tendency to discuss it at great lengths.

Are you talking about Stern? I found some things to nitpick, but on the whole, he's more ranting against creationism, than trying to lecture the details of evolution.

I could listen to Stern if every other thing he said wasn't sexist.

That said, i am sure he did the world a favor by telling some of his more knuckle dragging fans they aren't cool for bible thumping.

The weird section at the end where they start comparing poor animal husbandry to bad parenting gave me a little pauses as well.

Some folks swear by the guy. I always end up left with this feeling that he is really smart, but has zero filter and therefore the uncomfortable and offensive roll out of his mouth about twice a minute.

I don't listen to him regularly, so I can't comment on how sexist he is when he's truly unrestricted, but I've heard a few interviews from his show and it doesn't jump at me.

His being unfiltered is his whole schtick though, and that's why he's funny. It's hilarious seeing him on Jimmy Fallon's show for example and badmouth Leno, and see Jimmy squirm. Letterman and Kimmel have a lot of fun with it too when he's around.

I've never heard this show before, that's hilarious. Thanks!


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