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We Missed the Hitchens' Birthday

Hello from your MIA contributor.

I thought I would continue of the conversation about how uncomfortable Atheists are having anyone that approaches the role of a spokesperson by a belated acknowledgement of the late great and sometimes grating Christopher Hitchens. His birthday was April 13th.

Watching these clips of his verbal slap-downs, it reminds me his retorts were powered by both skill and viciousness. Both those qualities made him terribly entertaining even when he was wrong, leaving some of his more intelligent victims having fun while being publicly trounced.

Happy birthday Hitch, your thoughts live on in the written word and float around the internets shocking people to this day.



Thanks RedSeven. The Hitch is still a hero of mine and good to know his memory is being kept alive. As you stated, he was often wrong on important issues but he was at least willing hear all sides and even expressed the importance of hearing opinions we don't agree with.

Here's some posthumous transcriptions of conversations Hitch had with Andrew Sullivan that are well worth a read:

Thanks, you have always struck me a an average to above average Git.

He can never be a hero of mine.

Yes, he was intelligent, clever, eloquent and charismatic. But he was wrong on so many things, and right only on a thing which most people with Hitchens' intellect figure out in their teens and then move on: Religion isn't true.


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