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Links With Your Coffee Wednesday

Coffee Cup

He think the headline writer should have read the line:

"It's not a church, it's a congregation of unreligious people."

George Saunders discusses writing and his new book Tenth of December: Stories



re: grammar quiz. I got 12 of 14 right. how did you do?

I got 12 of 14 as well.

I also got 12 of 14. I missed the following:

  1. Pride

Correct answer: Abstract and collective

You answered: Abstract

  1. Which sentence is written in the active voice?

Correct answer: The fire had destroyed all life

You answered: The destruction of life was caused by the fire

I should have known #11.

So BJ and Norm, which two did you get wrong?

Pride. How is that collective I'd like to know? grr. I think abstract was right.

Also got Antonym wrong. embarrassing.... oops.

I didn't get that either, and then suddenly it dawned on me that the collective refers to a pride of lions.

And, yeah, I felt really stupid about missing the active voice question.

Yessss. 14 of 14.


Always failing me. It's only shame from now on for me, as it's always been.

Also, I had a 1/3 chance to nail what the hell a gerund was. I remember "gerundio" in Spanish, but we have like eleventy kinds of conjugations, who remembers.

All in all, 12/14


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