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Kathryn Schulz: On being wrong



Great post Norm. It's important to both be aware of and even embrace the possibility of being wrong. Not only is the awareness of it important in order to be able to improve and learn, but as Sir Ken Robinson said on TED a while back (I'm paraphrasing), "If you're afraid to be wrong, you'll never have an original idea".

Great, talk but I think she is wrong! At least, she is wrong about me... I am never wrong about anything. ;-)

It's a good talk, but I have one minor quibble. She says there are three reasons that people are wrong: 1.) They are ignorant of the facts; 2.) They are too stupid to assemble the facts correctly; 3.) They are evil.

I'd say there's a fourth reason that resides between numbers two and three, which is that they are emotionally attached to the incorrect thing. This is especially true when it comes to politics and religion -- particularly religion. To admit you're wrong about religion is to also admit that your parents and your teachers and your pastor and nearly everyone your like, trust and respect is wrong. That is too big a pill for most people to swallow, so they cling to the wrong thing despite what the evidence shows.


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