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Links With Your Coffee Wednesday

Coffee Cup

The other morning, I escaped unscathed from a dangerous situation. No, an armed robber didn’t break into my house, nor did I find myself face to face with a mountain lion during my bird walk. What I survived was my daily shower.



Regarding pesticide use and GM crops, Savage considers a recent criticism and then provides the reader with 10 year old data. I understand that it takes time to update statistics, but I would like to see the results from this 2010 initiative. I've been looking for updates but cannot find them.

The amount of pesticides that make their way to the Gulf of Mexico via southern border states and pain states along the Mississippi is something I hate to think about. The BP oil rig disaster added insult to injury in the gulf, from my vantage point.

I went back to my inbox to read today's Mother Jones article. While GM crops are more stable year to year - a benefit, they don't also produce a higher yield.

The debate about the benefits for GM crops is still for me; I'm still not on the bandwagon. It does have to do also with the way Monsanto behaves: like most of today's corporations, they bully and place more emphasis on the money than on the service or goods they provide.

If all of those birds are so good at camo, how come the cats can decimate their populations?


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