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Links With Your Coffee Weekend

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I liked the 'why are we irrational' article.

With respect to the Gambler's Fallacy, I remember the coin tossing example from Statistics class way back in the day.

Most about that dreadful class has mercifully drifted into the foggy reaches. I think I recall the coin toss story because the instructor said there is, actually an nearly infinitesimal increased probability of a heads coming up. At least that was true with the Lincoln penny. The teacher postulated that there was a slight weight balance differential between heads and tails such that if you tossed that penny a humungous number of times, heads would win more often by a few.

At the time I thought that to be a piece of useful if arcane knowledge. Ok, well, that was also when I thought it was a good survival idea that if you were caught in a falling elevator, you oughta jump up and down, cuz then you'd have a chance of being up when it hit the cellar...

Here's a question, In which of these 12 cognitive biases baskets would you put retributive prejudice? I mean, like rooting against EVERY TEXAS football team no matter who they play, as a matter of principle - just cuz someone's gotta account for George W.

Not apologizing for the prejudice you understand, sometimes it works well - like in the AFC playoffs. I think Tom Brady is a cutie-pie.

I enjoyed the "objective vs subjective morality" article.

Was it Harrington who talked about the cake example? e.g., when sharing a piece of cake, the way to insure a moral distribution was for one person to cut it and the other person to pick first. Enlightened self interest driven Subjective morality. Yup.

I'd like to think that there are some objective moral certainties in human society but as Mr. Novella notes, the trouble is "who's certainty"? Like the Transactional Analysis folks say, what an Extrovert personality wants and needs can be very different from what an Analytical personality wants and needs. Thus the Golden Rule of "Do unto others as you would have done unto you" really oughta be "Do unto others as THEY wish to be done unto."

Sorry Betty Jo, but I have to live up to my name and reputation.

"Whose certainty"?

I'd looked at quite few lists before I saw the terrific comment at the bottom: 1 and 100 may be switched in certain states. 😀


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