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Gun Control

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There's no mystery at all why there will be no control of armor-piercing bullets or magazines or any other type of gun control. Americans are just against any type of gun control. Hell, even most of the liberals who post here currently or who posted here in the past on 1gm are against gun control. Won't happen here in the U.S.A.

correction: or high-capacity magazines..

Hell, even most of the liberals who post here currently or who posted here in the past on 1gm are against gun control.

Are they? I don't think I've read much from the liberal usual suspects about it.


Even RedSeven is against 'gun control'.

And remember Eric? He's against gun control. I had a debate with them some years ago and was shot down summarily.

Well, I am for some rights to own guns. I support limits on magazines, Assault rifles and pretty much everything currently being proposed.

It may never happen, but then some thought that slavery would always be with us. Probably not in my lifetime, but I would be quite happy with the British model for gun control.

Betty Jo can keep hers however, she has varmints and a cantankerous husband when he's not fishing.

Thanks for the dispensation Norm. Yes, I do need my weapons - not for the cantankerous hubby, but for cantankerous roosters. I have also had to put down larger animals (like when Peaches the cow broke her leg, & when we found an injured deer caught in a fence....).

This is a very different environment that cities or suburbs though. We have mountain lions, bear, and livestock. Our closest neighbors are better than a mile away. We've only got 4 police/sheriff officers for the whole county and I'm often alone on the ranch..

That said, I'm a liberal and I do support sensible gun control legislation. I think it irresponsible to not keep weapons in a gun safe, I see no need for high capacity magazines. I had no problem taking a weapon safety test before I could license the revolvers.

We were in the Bountiful Utah foothills yesterday, in a residential area. They've built houses in areas that in tough winters like this one are the normal habitat for dear and other critters looking for food. An Eastern Blue Jay has strayed into the area and though a common bird back east it is extremely rare here, so we had to see it. We were chatting with the homeowner whose feeder the bird is visiting and learned that in addition to the dozens of deer in the neighborhood, they've had coyotes, foxes, and even a Mountain Lion roaming about.

re: "they've had coyotes, foxes, and even a Mountain Lion roaming about."

quite right, mountain lion sightings are in the newspapers occassionally in the Bay Area foothills as well. we're not special. Does your homeowner carry a firearm for the cat?

We used to have a County trapper. His name was Blue (how good is that?). I think he's retired now though, for the stories about his younger days made clear he used to be a serious bad ass, yet I noted that he won a blue ribbon at last year's fair with his apple pie, so I suspect old Blue is mellowing out. We didn't call him to trap the bear who feasted on my veggie garden last year, for while the bear showed a definite fondness for fava beans, he left the tomato plants alone.

Gun control is one of those issues where different areas do tend to have strikingly different opinions about what "sensible" means. Around here there's a lot of talk about defending 2nd Amendment rights, but defending a woman's right to choose when she has children? - not so much.

A cousin in Berkeley trapped a squirrel who was eating her persimmons. Soft hearted gal that she is, she then took it to the animal shelter, where the attendant laid into her saying she could go to jail for removing that poor little squirrel from her property. Against the law to control rodents - wow. Now that's a different sensibility all right!

California's new head of the Dept of Fish and Game hails from Humane Society. He wants to change the name to Dept of Fish and Wildlife.Thar be trouble brewing 'bout that I can tell ya.

here's a question. How do YOU feel about gun control? Do you support assault weapons bans? What do you think about Mental health registries? I worry that such registries would raise the stigma about mental illness big time, and disuade folks who need it from seeking help. Further, one might argue that anyone who thinks keeping a big magazine assault weapon unsecured in their house is the way to protect their rights from a Government they fear might, by definition, be considered to have at least one screw loose. Just saying.

Times do seem to be changing tho. I noted that the local Pharmacy no longer carries ammo in the aisle next to the Valentine greeting cards.

Gun control, me, I'm for it. I support assault weapons bans, high capacity magazines. Anything that is built for shooters who need more than a half dozen shots to get the job done. I think good background checks on all desiring a weapon is a good idea. I agree mental health registries would probably do more harm than good. I think you have it right those that want the heavy fire-power are by definition bad risks to own firearms of any kind.

Every time I hear the latest NRA talking point, about the need for good people with guns, it reminds me of the equally popular refrain of when good people do bad things.

Fewer guns is definitely a good thing, and in more populated areas the restrictions need to be tighter. Shooting at critters in a suburban neighborhood for example would seem a dangerous bit of business, and should be left to local animal control.

re: Red Meat

oh yea. that's me. well, I got the gun, I just need to shave off 40 years and add some good looks.

We had a skunk under the house one year. Tried everything to dislodge her. Someone said skunks don't like noise, so we pulled up boards in the closet under the stairs, put a radio face down on the hole. We don't get radio reception here, but the radio was blasting static.

Despite towels wedged under the doors to block the sound, we spent a restless night. The skunk didn't leave, she did make clear she didn't appreciate the loud neighbors.

The next day husband decided he had some urgent business in town, and took off.

That night I awoke to the sound of voices in the house. Wild eyed, and buck naked, I charged out that bedroom door, Colt 45 grasped firmly in both hands. Thumb on the hammer, my fortitude turned to chagrin when I realized the skunk's radio had picked up a late night signal from LA. She'd been listening to Limbaugh.

It's as well there were no real intruders. I'd a had no time for a citizens arrest. Just the sight of me would no doubt have scared 'em to death.... a comforting thought.

You have the best stories Betty Jo! How did you finally get rid of the skunk?


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