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Coffee Cup

A hilarious take on the "War on Christmas."



Liked the How to End and Argument on the Internet piece. I propose these rules be added to the commenting policies here. Maybe someday we'll have another good argument here.

Who's Honey Boo Boo?

I don't know but that's the easiest argument I've ever won!

This is a great piece. when my friends and I are tired of a topic on fb, we sometimes just write "Hitler." Or write for the funny, but someone takes the hint.

As for arguing here, there's a wonder Syngas. Because of my (limited) political involvement local, I end up having discussions with people I know in town, or people from my past, who live hither and yon - on facebook, instead of 1gm. i come over here when I have time or need some intellectual stimulation. I do miss it here, and am quietly resolving to spend my time more wisely even as it is spent in more places.

I've done my share of arguing politics on FB, but have come to the conclusion it's just not a good place for that kind of discussion. Before Obama was elected, this was by far the best place to have political discussions/arguments.

Unfortunately, the utopia that the Democratics expected after Obama was anointed never came to pass. This has destroyed the self-righteous ego of the Democratics I love to argue with. They've lost the desire to spread the gospel of the Democratic party because it's just not playing out. Sure there are still the Debbie Wasserman Shultz/ Baghdad Bob types out there, but arguing with people who have no shame is like playing solitaire with a card missing.

So now you're left with your own self righteousness and shamelessness?

I guess. Remember Dande Blogger? He was fun to argue with. You? Not so much. Can't remember the last time you had something constructive to say.

At least I give you another opportunity to insult a female liberal.

Are you implying I'm sexist?

Having spent some time reading the blogs of right wingers, many of whom pretend to be 'independent' and yet consistently espouse views to the right of the political spectrum, I note that the liberals who most annoy them most (other than Obama) are Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Nancy Pelosi. It used to be Hillary Clinton, but they dare not attack her these days as she has such a high approval rating.

I do blog with an intelligent conservative marine who never goes on about Obama or Pelosi or Shultz. He's much too intellectual and thoughtful for such silly argumentative crap. I just play around with you because I don't respect your intellect.

sounds childish

So now you're left with your own self righteousness and shamelessness?

Oh snap!

How to End and Argument

How to End and Filament?

How to End and Wonderment?

... alas...

How to End?

Hey, that was funny! And without being backhanded!

That was for Syngas's 2nd comment up there.

I liked the critical thinking article. This can be tackled on so many teaching levels. When I was in grade school (5th or 6th grade), we had to look at ads that convinced you to buy something, then see if the fine print would sway you the other way (IF you paid attention to the fine print) and explain why.

In terms of teaching flute, I have the privilege of convincing people to change all kinds of habits. Step 1 involves having the student contrast and compare playing/learning habits. Step 2 involves continued assessment and being able to communicate what is transpiring. This is time consuming - usually on ly at first, but sometimes for all years I teach a student, depending on his/her experience and willingness to go through this process. And this is only flute! I don't have to imagine what they are going through in other classes, because I can see their transcripts and speak with their teachers.

Maybe the mandatory gap year between high school and college (yes, I dream of a future in which college is less of a marketing ploy) should include mandatory participation in logic and critical thinking skills workshops. Then again, this stuff SHOULD be taught at every level of education. I'd much rather abandon standardized testing in favor of making sure our population learned how to think.

gypsy sister- how might i locate you on facebook? you can find me under my secret anonymous name "jonathan becker". :) i make flutes for a living (such as it is) and you may find other interesting or infuriating things on my "page".

i too miss the old argumentative days here, but norm and andy still post interesting links now and then so i still visit.


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