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Tensions over the so-called fiscal cliff reached a boiling point today as House Speaker John Boehner accused President Obama of acting like he won the November election.

On its face, the case seemed tragic, but unexceptional. Last December, two teenagers were driving a pickup truck down an Oklahoma road at 4 a.m. when the driver, Tyler Alred, swerved off the road and hit a tree, ejecting and killing his 16-year-old passenger. Alred told police he had been drinking earlier that evening, and took two breath tests that showed, at the time of the crash, a blood-alcohol level of around 0.07—under the legal limit for adults, but over the limit for an underage driver. Alred pled guilty last August to manslaughter in the first degree as a youthful offender. The sentence was four years to life in prison, with parole.

But Alred won’t be serving any time in jail, provided, that is, he goes to church every Sunday for the next 10 years. . .



I think I take the opposite stance to Gervais on agnosticism vs "There has to be something"ism

Agnosticism at least acknowledges that they lack enough information to make a decision. People that have a spiritual that in only partially based on any religion seem to lack any desire to have their beliefs based on any kind of information.

Faced with no convincing information and tons of logical problems they decide to instead to make something up and believe that.

4 years to life in prison or 10 years in church.

Seems to me that's a pretty harsh prison sentence for a tragic accident by a young person.Seems that an alternate sentence requiring community service one day a week for 10 years would be more productive in building character than either of the options presented to this guy.

Would I prefer church to prison? hmmm. guess it depends on whether I can bring a comfy seat cushion and a kindle with me to church.

What part of Separation of Church and State don't these guys get?

Perhaps it doesn't matter, for the world is spozed to end on the 21st. I note that "a Siberian company has decided to seize the moment by selling end-of-the-world-survival kits, which include medication, heart medicine, soap, candles and matches, vodka, a can of fish, a pack of buckwheat, a bottle of vodka, a notepad and pencil, a game of cards and a rope."

The world ends. But ya got yer bottle of vodka, so no worries...

hmmm. What part of "End of the World" don't these buyers get?

I'm not a drinker, but send me to church for 10 years, and I just may return to my undergraduate ways.

Agreed, Betty Jo: community service seems like a much better option!

Also, I'm sad that was cancelled due to lack of clients. This site is volunteer and includes a nice little video, with a Vivaldi soundtrack.

There really are 2 links here. Click to the left for one and to the right for the other.

I read the Boehner headline, and thought "wha?", then I thought "hmm, prominent Republicans have said more ridiculous things". Then I thought "ah, may be The Onion, Norm likes that." But then I hovered over the link: "". So it went in my head, "ah, you Boehner, you!". Then I saw Borowitz's name. God damn you, Poe's Law!!!

I'm waiting for real life Boehner to cry publicly over the impending doom. DOOM I say!!


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