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The Election

I voted earlier today. Voting in Utah provides a choice between conservatives and nutjobs, and so it's more a civic responsiblity than one that will make any difference. Some Mormons think Romney is the man that will fullfill a prophecy of saving the nation and are praying like crazy, it will be interesting to see how they react if their prayers are unanswered.

I did have a little fun at my polling place. I presented my ID and when it came time to sign the poll worker gave me a red pen. I saw that she was using a blue pen, and asked if I could use it. She pushed the red pen toward me, but I reached over to take the blue pen from her hand. She leaned further back in her chair. I insisted that I couldn't sign my name with a red pen. I don't think she initially understood why I wanted the blue pen but finally relented and gave me the blue pen. The poll worker next to her was smiling, it was priceless.

Interesting in the news Peter Hamby on CNN reported that Romney's internal numbers had Obama leading by 5 points in Ohio. I remember how the early signs showed Kerry winning and then he lost, so we'll have to wait, but I'm hopeful.



Hello again, friends.

Its certainly been an exciting 4 years, hasn't it. Boy a lot has changed. I find myself now waiting in baited breath hoping to see President Obama re-elected.

I'm watching Fox News right now, great entertainment. Karl Rove is arguing with the decision desk that called it for Obama.

Hahaha - I caught some of this on the time-sucker known as facebook. Then Romney wanted to contest Ohio. Whatever, he can have those piddly 18 electoral college points.

I am mostly relieved to have O as president again. i wimped out voting for president this morning and marked my bubble for Obama-Biden as opposed to Stein-Honkala, but I couldn't have predicted the point spread at 9 am. The big national news is that the bat-shit crazy men like Akin, Mourdock, et. al got voted OUT, some of them replaced by beings possessing vaginas. Yeah baby! I'm glad that intelligence prevailed. And hooray for Massachusetts and Elizabeth Warren!

From here, we can get ready to push for a more progressive agenda. Obama HAS to hear from little old us, or Wall Street will jump into the fray before we can get a toe hold. I do think some issues will go through. Obama finally mentioned the environment in his acceptance speech. Who knows? Maybe we can get him to find Michelle Rhee a new gig and then return education to the teachers. I'm dreaming a little here, but m involvement with Occupy has helped me and others connect and we do know the energy from last year needs to be regenerated once the election dust settles.

Zaphod - welcome back! (not that I'm here that much) Pleasant dreams all.

I was really gratified to see Elizabeth Warren win, she'd might make a great presidential candidate in 2016

"with bated breath" Apologies, Zaphod, but I am a pedant, and not totally in control of myself.

BTW Just to say that it seems that almost all of the UK and much of the rest of the world has woken up relieved to hear the US election results.

I loved Stephen Fry's tweet about the election:

Voting time in the US. None of my business, but I have met Mitt and … well. Please not. Please.

And his take on Mitt's religion:

I really don't think Mitt should be attacked for his religion however. One sect's invisible friend is jut as potty as another. Mind you…

I thought Prop 37 (GMO labeling) in CA would pass, but no.

I also thought it would pass. It was ill conceived and not science based, but that's never stopped bad laws from being passed.

I'm not sure if it was voted off for the "wrong" reason though. Ideally most people would be in line with the scientific evidence or lack of it, but even though the ads here mentioned some scientific institutions and relevant-professionals testimonials (hate to use that word, but that's what they were), I think most of it was focused on the higher prices it would produce, which is sort of missing the point. Probably people can still be convinced that GMOs can be harmful or less healthy just for the virtue of being GM.

One of the last ads I saw for the "pro" side was a bunch of celebrities stating confidently how it would not raise prices, without any reason whatsoever. Maybe somebody else can explain it.

Of interest:

Voters Ease Marijuana Laws in 2 States, but Legal Questions Remain


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