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Stephen Fry Speech

Stephen Fry argues against the motion 'This House believes that classical music is irrelevant to today's youth'.



Irrelevant, no.

But I have to say as the Twin city Orchestras have struggled with funding and have been locking out their musicians I keep asking myself why it is that one type of music is held above others as culturally relevant and in the public good to perpetuate.

Why is there no tax exempt charity that pays, hip hop artists, folk musicians, Blue Grass musicians, Somali musicians, Jazz musicians, and so many other types of artists living wages to perfect and perform their art?

Now, there are obviously some small groups that do, but not at nearly the scale or income levels of the orchestras.

Its hard not to come to the conclusion that the reason is that "Classical" music is antique art of wealthy Europeans and all those other types of music are from poor white or poor non-white communities.

Don't get me wrong, I do love Classical Music, but I do think its worth asking the question if it should be a public good while other music has to be for profit.


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