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I'm Easily Amused

I enjoy a number of television programs not so much for the stories, which are formulaic, or the characters who are stereotypes, but rather for the sometimes clever dialogue the writers create for them.

In a recent episode of "Elementary", an interesting take on Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson ( a female in this case). She comments on the shoddy attire he is planning on wearing to a meeting with a Wall Street investment firm. They are interested in hiring him for some undisclosed case.

She says, "the guys on Wall Street are a little more formal in the way they dress." to which he replys, "those are costumes. I loathe bankers, they rigged the roulette wheel of commerce, very nearly destroyed the world economy and they still think if they wear suits they'll be treated like respectable folk instead of the crooks they are.

It reminded me of the Republican's presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, just another empty suit.



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