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We Can Change That

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The Daily Show writers are amazingly skilled at cutting into the heart of the subject. "Changing the facts, reality and the meaning of words in order to make a much larger point"

I, too, thought the "We can change that" piece was brilliant. And OF COURSE the Republicans are MASTERS of it, for as we have so oft been reminded during this Political season, the Religious folks are so well acquainted with how it is that any ol' thing, from a holy trinity to a virgin birth can be believed, for the louder and with more fervor one speaks it, the truer it gets...

and gee, it's ever so much easier to rail agin' the devil than to debate just another guy thinks different than you...

I cringed at Romney's sanctimonious "This is my compassionate look. I practiced it on Mom, I know it's a good one." expression as he spoke, as a sad but loving father at the foolish transgressions of his beloved brothers and sisters who chose the wrong path with Obama, but can be forgiven and brought back to the fold of right thinking folk.

eeewww. like saccharine sweetener in toothpaste. made me want to gag.


Not every fact is actually accurate.

NOW I understand!


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