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Links With Your Coffee Monday

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It would obviously be adaptive for some animals to be able to distinguish between natural phenomena, like wind, and phenomena that have similar effects but are caused by hidden agents like predators. One example (used in the paper below) is the rustling of trees in a tropical forest canopy. We know how to distinguish between the rustling caused by wind, which is general, and the rustling that is localized and moves slowly, like that caused by a troop of monkeys moving through the trees. (I experienced this myself on a recent trip to Costa Rica). If you’re liable to be disturbed (or eaten) by monkeys you need to pay attention to avoid the troop, but in the case of wind you don’t want to waste valuable foraging time looking up and getting nervous every time a leaf rustles.



So, it's finally going down. Prop 37 in California for the labeling of GM foods. Got a look at both websites, and there is a very stark contrast in the way their arguments are presented:



The "Yes" page is full of emotional appeal BS and outright lies. I even got an facebook news feed post/ad (F-you, Facebook) about it from some organic foods page which a friend had "liked" (unbeknownst to her), which cited and linked to freaking Joe Mercola. The same Joe Mercola that once said this, and other patently stupid stuff.

Got the symbols wrong:

Just saw that Orac also just wrote about the study you reference in this post.

Oops, wrong thread, it's the study referenced in the previous post.

good article by harris. he's been hammering at these simplistic, obvious points for a long time now, and yet i still get the feeling that hardly anyone pays attention. the basic idea that NOT all religions are equally stupid and dangerous, for instance, is one that probably would have been hotly debated 4 or 5 years ago here on ogm.

when pat connely (another old ogm favorite) finally got the idea, no one said anything, either. it was just like "oh yeah, we've always known that stuff."

i remember christopher hitchens, too, being upbraided here for singling out muslims as being particularly difficult, with many pointing out the "bad behavior" of christians and, especially jews, as being equally or even more disgusting.

and now, we see an article by harris essentially complimenting mormons (and, by extension, mitt romney himself!) for their decency and harmlessness compared to muslims in the face of ridicule.

my how times have changed. and how remarkable that no one remarks upon it. so i thought i would.


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