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Block The Vote

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Jimmy and Rosalind Carter spoke at Drake tonight for the Bucksbaum lecture. He discussed elections monitoring and said the U.S. a Venezuela were the worst, BUT that Venezuela had the best voting machine deal: you vote on a computer, a paper receipt spits out so you can check that it was right, you place a correct ballot in the box so that it can be accessed for potential recounts.

Unfortunately in Iowa, out current Secretary of State managed to run on the fear ticket against former Secretary Michael Mauro on voter ID issues. There is some recent good news in that the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa Foundation and the League of United Latin American Citizens of Iowa can continue their quest to obtain a permanent injunction blocking Schultz from a process intended to purge Iowa voter rolls of people who allegedly aren’t legally authorized to vote. Still, Schultz has his supporters, and a friend of mine recently saw a bumper sticker that said I <3 VOTER ID. Makes my head hurt; must be all the spinning.


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