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Necessary But Not Sufficient

A couple of letters to the editor that highlight a fundamental difference between Republicans and Democrats. We need to do a better job of acknowledging the necessary aspects of personal initative while making sure the focus on the use of the commons is highlighted. I think the necessary but not sufficient approach is the one to take.

On your own, REALLY!

Little Red Hen retold

The necessary but not sufficient distinction puts the focus exactly where it belongs.

Keys to success

Don't miss the comments that follow each letter they are quite amusing.



I haven't seen Obama's speech where he uttered those words, so like most people, I don't know the context. I'm having a hard time imagining what context would have made what appears to be marginalizing small businesses a smart thing to say for a president that is overseeing an economy that has been brutal to most small business owners. Sure, what he said may be true, but why say it? I mean it's like telling a returning soldier they didn't defend this country, Ruger, Baretta, General Dynamics, and Boeing did.

full context

There's also a link to the out of context Romney (")I like firing people(") quip for fair play.

The context of Obama's snipped phrase is prefaced and summed up in the larger (not very long) portion of the speech. The gist is basically "we're all in this together, in one way or another." He's riffing off of Elizabeth Warren's take on the same subject.

Also, in case I screwed up the link, here's the URL:

Thanks GS,

Even in context, it seems like a pretty stupid thing to say.

That first letter is a genuine Poe.


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