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Links With Your Coffee - Thursday

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and he does it again



That Chick-a-fil-a thing (referenced in the Mars link from WEIT) really got ridiculous. There was a video of a girl asking people to "protest" by going to a location and asking for a glass of water for free and nothing more. According to the bible they should oblige. WTF do you gain by annoying, or even harassing (like at least one idiot did) a poor worker who is probably earning minimum wage, and most likely doesn't give a crap what the corporate morons think?

Jon Stewart was 100% right in mocking that dick who thought he was being a big hero by asking for a glass of water on camera and asking the window worker how she could live with herself (wtf!). Of course, conservatives had a field day with this: "this is the liberal tolerance!" I haven't seen many (or any) liberals condoning what this idiot did.

Sigh, I just read a few of the comments on the TDS website. I have to correct myself: I haven't seen many (or any) liberals who aren't youtube-commenter-quality condoning what this idiot did.

Re: Snake Oil article.

I recently tried Dr. Esselstyn's "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease" diet - the revolutionary, scientifically proven, nutrition-based CURE". (Dr. E is a buddy of Dr. Oz).

No meat, fish, dairy, eggs or fat of any kind - even vegetable based fats like olive oil, avocado, walnuts were banned. Non-fat yogert? fergetaboutit. Dr Esselstyn to be sure, recommends all kinds of supplement vitamins, calcium, etc.

Two weeks on this diet and I was certifiably insane. Bean/rice gruel and lettuce/kale seasoned only with vinegar. whole grain cereal, but only water on it. My poor body was missing so many micro nutrients, the thought of heading down the gulch with the colt 45 was real high on my contemplation list. Within days of abandoning this diet, gulch and gun seemed once again, quite extreme and rather bizarre.

It is now my profound belief that we are meant to consume a varied diet. Little bits of lots and and lots of different stuff, with as little refined sugar as possible, and lots less than the 300 grams cholesterol the govt says is ok. There is no magic bullet to fix health. Pills are never better sources of nutrients than fresh food.

Good news from Palo Alto. They banned soft drink and candy vending machines in their schools 3 years ago. The city is helping the schools fund intramural sports teams for ANY Jr. High kid (girl or boy) who wants to play - as many teams as they need, they have.

Funny thing. Rates of Obesity and Overweight kids have dropped dramatically.

It's never magic, it always comes down to just doing the little right things. Here in Douglas City (population 90), we don't have big city funding, but there's a donation campaign to help fund a salad bar for the school lunch program. Every little bit....

p.s., I dont' think a berry is a drupe. I think a drupe is like a peach or cherry with a single hard stone enclosing a seed. I do however like the word drupe. Good one for a Scrabble game.

Agreed: whenever somebody touts something crazy - usually one thing - that will cure all of your ills, it's snake oil. A balanced diet and some kind of activity in your life will do a body alot of good. you might need a little help, but if the only way you can exist is through drugs, you just might want to question your M.O. It takes a blind eye to evolution to pretend a pill or one food or food group is the key to good or bad health.

Like eating more chickin, in the form of a pressed patty made from chicken mass and breading. mmmmmm

re: Chick-a-fil.

I was offended by this company when they first started their ad campaign using DAIRY COWS to advocate Chicken eating. Like, hello, don't they know the difference between a dairy cow and a beef cow? good grief. Just another fast food grease factory, why should we expect they know what they are talking about about anything.

So what happens to Gladys when the milk production wanes?

Gladys becomes a cull cow, who is inserted into the Consumer food chain as ground meat (with or without added ammonia treated pink slime). Since her poor short life was one characterized by use of bovine growth hormone and prophalactic antibiotics, residuals of both are found in the resulting meat "product". She often becomes a cull cow because of udder problems resulting from being bred for optimized milk production rather than animal health.

To me, it ain't the same as those beasties raised to be beef on Organic grass pasture in a closed family herd.

Gladys may become sumthin' alright, but it ain't food.

Lot like those Corning/Rock Cross broiler chickens bred for fast food mcnuggets, all breast, can't hardly walk, but can put on 4 lbs dressed 6 weeks.


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