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Who me . . . 300?

I have seen over 300 species of bird since I started birding two years ago. This is not my 300th life bird, but somehow this one is more satisfying. This is a picture of the 300th species of bird I've seen in Utah, a Dusky Grouse. I was with a group of birders led by Mark Stackhouse at the Deseret Ranch. We were in the Lower Lost Creek area walking up a road when a family of Grouse exploded in front of us heading in every direction. This young Grouse was kind enough to stay nearby and pose for a picture.


Thanks to Susan G for the caption idea.



Congratulations. 300 different species just in Utah. That must be some kinda record. Bet you have spectacular photos of most of them as well. I'm very impressed.

It's not a record, although it may be the quickest someone has reached 300 in Utah. The state record is around 400. It was very satisfying on a personal level. I love keeping lists, it's fun keeping score, but the best part is perusing the lists later on for the memories they bring back and the joy of reliving those special moments.

Hey Norm, I know you like rarities; we just had an American Avocet in Jamaica Bay WIldlife Refuge in Queens, NYC. This ain't Antelope Island so it's a big deal here.

Nice Grouse by the way.

American Avocets are really cool birds, they are here damn near year round. In fact you can find them almost any time of the year though in the winter they are mostly gone. It's funny how one area's common bird is a rarity somewhere else. Last year we got a Dickcissel probably the seventh or eighth ever reported in Utah. I was telling another birder how exciting it was to see such a rare visitor. He was from the midwest and so was having a hard time understanding the excitement.

congratulations, Norm!


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