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Romney is the Problem not the Solution

I really like this ad, probably becuase for years my car sported a bumper sticker that said "Religion is the Problem not the Solution."



That ultra-rich parasitic assholes like Romney ARE the problem has been apparent for a long, long, time. Certainly it was exceedingly apparent by the time B.O. took office. Great ad - now if only we had any reason to think that Obama was going to anything about it.

Beautiful ad really. Right to the point. If only Mittens would release a few more years of tax returns we might just win this thing.

Well, have you noticed the House of Representatives? Or, the filibustering Senate?

Obama is doing what he can.

There is no question that a big part of the GOP's strategy is nothing less than sabotage – anything they think they can wipe their fingerprints off of. That doesn't mean that Obama is "doing all he can". From the beginning, Obama seemed to have either sold out to Wall Street or, at the very least, been clueless in believing his own bipartisanship happy talk. How many big time Wall Street criminals has Obama's justice department prosecuted? To what extent have they exploited the pervasive use of prostitutes on Wall Street (and I'm not being metaphorical here) as a means to gain enough information from Wall Street criminals to build fraud cases? Virtually not at all. The reason? Because, much as I hate to say it, when it comes to regard for the rule of law, there is little difference between the Obama administration and the Bush administration ... and that extends to crimes other than financial.

Even beyond all that, Obama seems to have a wholly inadequate conception of the depth of the problems we face. In his last State of the Union address, he mentioned climate change once. If you are afraid to fight battles even rhetorically, you will not make political gains in the long run. (The cause of gays, where Obama has been reluctantly dragged along, is a perfect example of what can be accomplished if you don't shut up.) This has been the rap against Obama from the beginning of his term, from the inauguration speech he didn't make.

Obama was editor of the Harvard Law Review in college. Why should it be surprising that he is, actually, a moderate conservative in policy and practice?

The term liberalism might only be applied within the context of the rabidly fringe right wing madness called the Republican Party, egged on by Fox to sell ratings.

Why should it be surprising that he is, actually, a moderate conservative in policy and practice?

It isn't "surprising", which is exactly why I said, "if only we had any reason to think that Obama was going to anything about it."

Except the right wing has been very very good at convincing people O is a liberal, as opposed to a moderate. I don't know if we'll blow up if liberals actually make headway in this country.

Politicians are the problem,not the solution.

Well, that can't be true. Everyone elected becomes a politician, so either the system is the problem or we need to give up representative democracy and go back to having kings and theocrats. I am not ready to give up quite yet.

The system is the problem, not the solution.

people are the prob... etc.

What's wrong with the version of the old saying that goes "The best form of government is benevolent dictatorship tempered by assassination"?

"What's wrong with that"? Sorry, not funny. Have you read Richard III recently? Bad Boy. Bad.

On your first day as dictator, your first act is to start the wheels moving on everything you can think of to prevent your assassination. and No matter how nice you are someone will always hate you... So every day you become less benevolent and more ruthless.

There are many examples of people with good intentions becoming ruthless.


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