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Links With Your Coffee Tuesday

Coffee Cup

I'd like the less/fewer distinction to become fashionable again. Do you have a favorite that you'd like to return to fashion?




You've got some support on that.

Woo, Quantum Energy for pets! Nice find - how do you find these things?

@RichardWiseman tweeted the link. It makes you wonder how many people would make a purchase based on such argle-bargle.


The process operates with quantum mechanic's refined frequencies, and is somewhat similar to the basic principles of homeopathy. (It does not use traditional energy forms like electrical, chemical, thermal, magnetic, or radioactive.)

As a chemist who uses exploits chemical energetics in making magnetic materials, on which we perform measurements using electromagnetic radiation, I has clearly been doin' it rong!

Have you been watching Maher lately? I watched a recent episode with these people

Actor Kirk Douglas, actor Mark Ruffalo, editor of "" Nick Gillespie, political commentator Rachel Maddow, editor-in-chief of "U.S. News & World Report" Mort Zuckerman

They started talking about labeling GMO's (coming up for vote in CA). I expected this from Maher from what is known about him, but all of them (Ruffalo, Maddow and Zuckerman) were beating on Gillespie about it. Maddow even said some ridiculous stuff about GM. It was pretty surprising how much the anti-GMO sentiment is among liberals, I didn't think it was that big.

re: a Matter of Fashion

Shucks, and I thought this would be an article about "National No Bra Day" (Boobie Liberation), which, if you missed it, was yesterday.

Woo hoo! And yet I do sympathize with large-breasted women. They have to put up with more crap for going braless than we smaller-breasted women have do deal with.

I see often on the interwebs people confusing 'then' with 'than'... and yet it's not that big of a deal as I know perfectly well what the person means to say.

I just ran across this example

They’re usually quicker with their fingering then most bass players


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