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Interesting abstract on the stand your ground study. Kinda makes sense though, if people are allowed to defend themselves with lethal force, some of the attackers are more likely to die.

Looking forward to reading the full report.

re: "the righteous road to ruin"- fascinating review of a book i highly doubt i'll ever read. if mr. hedges is fairly representing the arguments made in the book by j.haidt- and the review did not give me any cause for suspicion that he wasn't- hedge's stance seems to be mostly in consonance with my own feelings and positions on the issues.

but about those issues- they are largely moral ones, and i couldn't help but find it interesting that mr. hedges, in the course of painting mr. haidt as the moral reprobate he no doubt is- repeatedly made use of, and reference to the morality of the bible, and other "spiritual" and historical traditions. that is, he did not try to DEFINE morality before proceeding to demolish haidt's points, he presented it as a given- and more than that, a given with a basis that would seem to be at least partially biblical.

it just made me wonder how the review would have turned out if mr. hedges had not had recourse to those metaphors and aphorisms- if he attempted to write his review, in other words, from a more ogm or "new atheist"-friendly perspective. would he have been able to be as convincing?

i suspect the answer might be "yes, possibly, but it would have run to over 300 pages, and include a long essay, putting together many disparate sources, about atheist/agnostic understandings of what is morally right or wrong and why.

and in order to do this, he would have to do some serious cherry picking and bend himself into shapes and contortions that would make even the most disingenuous biblical apologist blush with admiration."


Texas Repugs opposition to critical thinking was a "mistake"? It is good to know that they still support lying your ass off.


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