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It's Not a Bird

I sometimes see cool looking mammals while out birding, like this Yellow Bellied Marmot.

Yellow Bellied Marmot_2012_07_23_12-57-18



A Marmot!

Great picture.

Back in our youth, my Bro and I were back-packing in the high Sierra in late May. High country lakes were still socked in with snow. We'd put our food bags up on ropes in the trees (we did know 'bout bears. Oh yea.). What we did not expect was that a couple of Marmots would TEAR OUR PACKS to pieces. They were not only tough but fearless. We speculate they might have been after the nice salt on those sweaty tea shirts in the packs.

Speaking of bears, Mary Lou gave birth night before last. We heard a LOT of bawling out up on the hill. When I went to investigate in the am, Mary Lou and new calf were fine, but there was a huge pile of fresh bear poo right near by. I'm so glad we have horned cattle, for I know the rest of the herd (cows and yearlings) were on sentry duty, protecting her while she calved. With respect to the Marmots, we gave 'em the shirts, hell, one look at those teeth, and we offered the ones off our backs.

That's a great story, thanks for sharing.


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