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Happy Higgs Boson Day!

My Twitter feed exploded with Higgs tweets. Luckily BoingBoing provides with a compilation of funny ones:

A few from my own:



Not sure about the Higgs part of this, but yes, happy belated Boson day.

That "Say it one more Goddamn time" poster! I love it. Oh Man. I could replace "God Particle" with any number of remarks made by any number of critters and I'd still be resembling that poster. oh yea.

(ps - that "no nicotine" counter got reset once, but it's back up to 11 days again.) Junk yard dog mean but nicotine free.

I think I'm only addicted to caffeine, but I also like to think I can just give it up, now I mostly drink decaf stuff and only regular coffee in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, but can go days without it, no problem. I like to think I can...


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