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Great Horned Owl

GHOW_2012_07_25_10-36-55 We need a caption, what do you think?



"where is your god now, stuart little? bwaahhaaaahaaaa!"

as a kid i used to collect owls. photos, paintings, figurines, etc. the great horned owl was my totem, my fetish- what i wanted to actually BE. that didn't work out so good. but i still love 'em, and the peregrine falcon, too- for no discernible reason. nice shot.

if i were you, norm, i'd use that photo for your facebook profile pic- not that you ever use facebook. just a suggestion. it reminds me of your online personality, somehow.

Really, I look like a "Who you looking at" kind of a guy.

One of these landed on a tree near my parents home when I was maybe 13 or something. It had the sun setting behind it.

I feel like it was close to a quarter mile down then valley but was clearly visible. I think it had to be 3 feet all. pretty amazing creatures. I think they probably ate some of our guinea fowl. only the Great horned owls and Coyotes were big enough to take down prey that big.


"I have a Letter from your Uncle, Harry. Just come closer and I will read it to you as you die."


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