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Is the GMO debate growing up in Europe just as it devolves in the United States?

I’m a huge fan of science fiction, especially hard science fiction, and also of scientific deconstructions of popular works of science fiction. I also enjoy other forms of speculative fiction – I don’t require scientific accuracy, or even plausibility, to enjoy a good book or movie. I’m perfectly willing to suspend disbelief or allow for “gimmies” – OK, there’s subspace and you can travel faster than light. I’m good with that. I appreciate, however, when sci fi writers try to work within the scientific framework as much as possible, to minimize “gimmies”, and to extrapolate thoughtfully from established science. What I am not tolerant of, however, is gratuitous errors in science. There’s just no excuse for that in science fiction.

On the basis of data from 1990 to 2010 at 36 sites in six provinces of northern China, we show here a marked increase in abundance of three types of generalist arthropod predators (ladybirds, lacewings and spiders) and a decreased abundance of aphid pests associated with widespread adoption of Bt cotton and reduced insecticide sprays in this crop. We also found evidence that the predators might provide additional biocontrol services spilling over from Bt cotton fields onto neighbouring crops (maize, peanut and soybean). Our work extends results from general studies evaluating ecological effects of Bt crops1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 13 by demonstrating that such crops can promote biocontrol services in agricultural landscapes.



The green slime (instead of, say, red) in MIB3 probably has a much more simple and practical explanation, which is the PG-13 rating. I remember at least one videogame even let you choose the color of the blood, green or red. Ratings boards are weird like that.

IIRC the bloodiest scene in Kill Bill was shown in black & white in the American market, while it was shown in color in others.


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