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Links With Your Coffee Tuesday

Coffee Cup

Prometheus the Movie sucks! "That's what I choose to believe."

The pleasure of finding things out: Fred Rogers remixed



Prometheus the Movie sucks! "That's what I choose to believe."

Now, the demigod on the other hand was bitchin'.

Should I not go and see it? Save my money for Abe Lincoln: Vampire Slayer?

Re: Fred Rogers remixed. Saw it on Up with Chris Hayes on the weekend.

Hmm, I was interested in watching Prometheus, I was even gonna watch the Alien movies, which I've never seen. I mean, is there any other franchise besides Harry Potter with such a cast of directors? Guess I'll just wait for the blu-ray to come out.

Am I the only one who hated Gladiator, by the way?

Hey, don't let my naysaying discourage you. I'd love for others to watch the ending and groan, misery loves company.

watch the ending and groan

That's what I did with Gladiator.

I remember not caring for Gladiator but not why.

No I'm not going to watch it again to find out, it's best to limit your mistakes to a single occurrence.

What is wrong with the gladiator ending?

My only problem with that movie was all the rubber sword moments they left in.

I will see it eventually.

You should definitely see alien and aliens. Both great movies.

3, maybe, but never pay to watch Alien 4 or anything that includes aliens and predators.

Yeah, that seems to be the consensus. Oddly enough, I don't care much for as-of-late Scott or Cameron, but like Fincher and Jeunet a lot.

very disappointed with Avengers, AND, despite my boy Johnny Depp, not amused by Dark Shadows either. If you are into costume drama, RED CLIFFS (Chinese, kung fu) was excellent. Saw it thru netflics a while back.

right now, nothing is entertaining me. Day 6 of no nicotine. stopping smoking after 50 years of it REALLY SUCKS. poor husband daren't open his mouth lest I rip another gnash in his throat with snarling slashing teeth. Hell, even the chickens are keepin' their distance. I'm stomping around in my shit kicker boots, even glaring at the fence posts, daring 'em to look askance at me, muttering about how's I know where that chain saw is.... grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Have a drink.

No nicotine, good for you not so much for S, though he understands and I'm sure very supportive. The other critters on the ranch I'm not so sure about, poor things.

Speaking of critters you have to feel sorry for this little guy ( a Uintah Ground Squirrel I think) captured by a California Gull as he made his away across a parking lot at East Canyon Reservoir.

That puts things in perspective.

That's interesting, we just ordered that camera. Do you like it?

You ordered the Canon HX40 HS? If so I think you'll be very pleased. Since I mostly photograph birds and they are either small or a long ways away I set it on the dedicated 2X mode. I'm always pleasantly surprised at the quality I get, It is much better than the competition for digital zoom. I wouldn't bother with the digital zoom when I had the Nikon 500 now the 510, and it didn't do a good job of rendering the colors accurately. I think you'll really like the Canon.

Speaking of putting things in perspective (or at least in context), were your comments here in preparation for your decision to quit?

The grip of nicotine must be very powerful indeed. At the risk of pointing out the obvious, it couldn't have escaped your notice that worrying about GM foods was the least of your problems...

re: Golden Holocaust. yea, I read that book for added motivation for this try anyway. They say odds of success are 3-5%. rah rah.sigh. but they say the odds are somehow umulative with each attempt (an odd phenomenon unlike most probability expectations), but what the hay.

Nicotine is a vicious intensely addictive drug. And it ain't even feel good. I mean, how bad is that. You inquire whether or not it escaped my attention that GMO was the least of my worries. Ya think? Here I am - my LIFE'S WORK being the production preservation and preparation of healthy food in a healthy fashion for a healthy earth. Hell's Bells. I'm the greenest f*ing person on the face of the earth (i compost, i work ouuut). Except for this tiny little thang that rules my life - I'm a GD nicotine addict and I hate it.

Hmm, bad movie? C'mon, Joel, Trace, Kevin: bring it back, the way it was in the late 80's, in all its snarky goofiness. Titanic doesn't work for me; I want the original back, complete with the silly storyline; the homemade props and sets that somehow worked; the writing that 5 and 50 year olds could laugh at. How long do I have to wait, till Next Sunday AD?

re: "Speaking of critters you have to feel sorry for this little guy "

nope. sorry. don't feel sad about ground squirrel. they are naught but varmints that eat chicken feed and dig holes for the cows to trip in. I make peanut butter sandwiches for the squirrel traps most every morning. Admit I got a tiny nasty mean-spirited chuckle identifying with the Seagull in your pic. heh heh.kill. snarl.


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