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A new Gallup poll shows that, as it has for the past thirty years, acceptance of evolution in the U.S. has remained static. In fact, the latest statistics (light green line in figure below), show that 46% of Americans are young-earth creationists), 32% adhere to some form of god-guided or theistic evolution (dark green line), and only 15% adhere to evolution as we scientists know it (“human beings have developed over millions of years from less advanced forms of life, but God had no part in this process”). Young-earth creationism rose 6% since the last survey, which may not be a statistically significant change.

The history of governments meddling in the practice of science is not a good one. The most infamous case is that of Lysenkoism -Stalin backed the ideas of Trofim Denisovich Lysenko who believed in the inheritance of acquired characteristics. His ideas became of the official sanctioned science of the Soviet government. Genetics was declared a “bourgeois science,” or “fascist science,” and many geneticists who disagreed with Lysenko were executed or sent to labor camps. Execution tends to have a chilling effect on the free exchange of ideas and the practice of science. Over seven decades later genetic science in Russia is still lagging behind.

In the US we have a similar problem – not the Gulag, but political factions that disagree with certain findings of science that are ideologically inconvenient for them. The two biggest issues being targeted (but certainly not the only ones) are evolution and climate change. Much of the focus has been on what should be taught to students in science class (my vote is for science).



That's genious! Just print money to pay our debts. That couldn't possibly end in disaster. Clearly she is a student of the great emporer Nero.

You have to pay them somehow, and printing currency acts in the same way as taxes, it devalues the currency held by individuals rather than making them pay the tax, with the added benefit that it devalues debt held by individuals and organizations.

I would prefer an honest and fair tax rate on high income individuals, and consistent capital gains tax.

So you are for destroying the life savings of retirees so the government can spend with reckless abandon?

This has been tried many times in the past. Here's one great example. Maybe you should take an econ class before you start taking financial advice from twelve a year old. Honestly Red, I can't believe you are that stupid!

Well, the girls point was that both govt and banks do the exact same thing and it's better for the govt to do it itself because it doesn't charge itself lots of interest.

But yeah, old people should have pensions with defined benefits and COLA's

...just not a savings account.

When and where in history has a savings account alone been a good retirement plan?

That seals it. You are an idiot.

Well, obviously.

But the brilliant point of the girl is that either the govt or banks will create money, and if it is going to be made, the govt shouldn't pay enormous amounts of interest on something it could do itself for virtually nothing.

Re: Legislating science: South Korea will stop evolving like North Carolina will stop flooding. The Christo-Republican paradise is spreading!


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