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re: Thinking that we know... "the powerful ways in which the mind filters and shapes what we call information."

Here's an example....

"Cows Crash Party, Drink Beer"

"These guys are party animals.

In Boxford, Mass., a gang of five or six escaped local cows decided the best thing to do with their new-found freedom was to get drunk ASAP. The herd made their way to a local home, drove off the human residents - who were holding a backyard party - and made straight for the beer."

The guests said that at first they thought the animals were deer. hmmm.

reference "SHOULD HATE SPEECH BE OUTLAWED?" "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." E B Hall

"Although these words are regularly attributed to Voltaire, they were first used by Evelyn Beatrice Hall writing under the pseudonym of Stephen G Tallentyre in The Friends of Voltaire (1906), as a summation of Voltaire's beliefs on freedom of thought and expression."

re: Hate speech.

Outlawing speech is a slippery slope indeed. There is tho something to be said for political correctness (aka good manners), in normal polite society.

What we CAN do about Hate speech, is show some sunshine on it. One of the many things so destructive about Citizens United, is the ability it now provides in our political discourse to broadcast Hate under cover of anonymity.When Limbaugh stepped out of line, his sponsors heard about it. When Rove's 'non-profit' buys $$Millions for hate speech ads, no company that supports this ever has to pay any consequences, never has to respond to what their customers may think about it. Hate speech without consequence is unacceptable. We learned oh so many years ago, with the advent of widespread Internet Email, that some people lose all sense of decency when posting under pseudonyms.

Don't know if you saw that horrendous vid of a little kid in church singing "no homo ever goes to heaven" (to standing applause). I thought one of the more useful comments about that one, was "children are taught hate in churches that we exempt from taxation". Now there one might argue that tax exemption for organizations that discriminate, that teach hate, that molest alter boys, that marry off their 14 year old girl children, might well be reconsidered. Why are Churches tax exempt anyhow?

There is also the recent lovely sentiment voiced by Kansas pastor Curtis Knapp:

Government should kill gays

If that isn't political speech, I don't know what is. How does this poisonous bastard keep his tax-free status?


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