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Colbert - Republicans and the Latino Vote

This is gonna be interesting. If I were the Republicans, it would be a no-brainer. Latinos are growing and xenophobes and racists aren't. But then the only hook conservatives would keep are homophobia and religious misogyny... hmm. What a choice, what a choice.

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Colbert Super PAC - Republicans & the Latino Vote
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Did you see this?

Conservative Politics, 'Low-Effort' Thinking Linked In New Study

"a study published in the journal "Psychological Science" showed that children who score low on intelligence tests gravitate toward socially conservative political views in adulthood--perhaps because conservative ideologies stress "structure and order" that make it easier to understand a complicated world." ... "Keeping people from thinking too much...or just asking them to deliberate or consider information in a cursory manner can impact people's political attitudes, and in a way that consistently promotes political conservatism,"

The study was published online in the journal "Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin."

So, guess that explains Arizona's new gem in the 'this is not a war on women' campaign, wherein the Arizona legislature has decided that pregnancy begins 2 weeks before conception. Go figure.

No, I haven't seen that one! Got a link?

Found it! Huffington Post - big surprise eh?

The irony is the quote you posted was referring to a different study. Is that lack of intelligence, deception or just intellectual laziness? Either way, you'd make a fine producer for NBC.

re: "Is that lack of intelligence, deception or just intellectual laziness?"

Intellectual laziness. my bad. yes, the article quoted was from Huffpost

"Low Effort thinking" seemed the only reasonable explanation for Arizona legislators deciding that pregnancy begins the moment a woman puts away the tampons box for the month. T'is a conceit that is a bit worrisome, for I fear I must be pregnant - for the last 35 years since menopause began.


Well, if memory serves, that's the same way the medical community calculates gestation. It confused me too until it was explained by my wife's nurse.

Here's an explanation

Now, the question is: If sonograms are rape, and you don't know the exact date of conception, just how should the due date be calculated?

Inserting things into women's vaginas that they do not have a desire to have inserted is rape. Using sound to create images is not really the issue. Although forcing them to look at the images is somewhat disrespectful and dickish. It's sorta is a demand that women make health and life decisions based on emotion rather than reason.

Okay, so how do you determine how many weeks? Are you saying you are smarter than all those low-effort thinking obstetricians?

Why do they need to know that if the mother doesn't want to know that? And did those sonograms that they use on the outside of the body all break when I wasn't looking?

I guess he told you!

Rapists now can use the Syngas defense: The process by which we make babies begins when a man inserts his erect penis into a woman's vagina. So why am I being prosecuted for rape when that's all I did?

A link from Reaers Supported Network. Pretty goofy that any of this even comes up. sigh

(Readers Supported Network)

Mother Jones adds in their own reporting, however, that while the law could be explained as an effort to deter complications that come from late-term abortions, opening up the window for the gestational age to begin before conception can hurt the parents in the long run. Essentially the act would outlaw abortion after 18 weeks, not 20 as the legislation claims, which could keep some concerned parents from making a decision about pregnancy before some medical procedures that gauge the health of the child are able to be determined. While some tests can be conducted soon after conception to catch potential life-threatening conditions and other impairments, outlawing abortions after the eighteenth week could keep parents from opting for abortion after other tests can be carried out (before the 20-week mark).

H.B. 2036 passed in the Arizona Senator by 20-to-10 and will soon go before the state’s House. To Raw Story, Elizabeth Nash says she believes the bill has a "very good chances of passage."

I think it's more a matter of education, upbringing and indoctrination (or lack thereof), than intelligence per se. Don't think there's evidence for an upward trend in "intelligence" (however one can measure it), but people are waking up to liberal views, like allowing gay marriage, I think because of the free flow of information (read: internet) and basically rubbing elbows with people from other cultures more than ever before.

What was interesting to me about the article on "low effort" thinking was not any interpretation that it means conservatives are stupid. My understanding of the research was that demands for quick judgements tended to result in more 'conservative' views. Which should not be surprising, since most classical 'conservative' views tend to be right/wrong, good/evil, us/them, free/enslaved simplistic dichotomies, whereas a more moderate, liberal and tolerant perspective requires more nuanced analysis. Why that matters, is that the current media environment is all about twitters and news presented in the form of pre-chewed food. We are, I think, encouraged by this media environment, to the intellectual laziness about which Syngas (rightly) called me out.

I have had the pleasure of sharing thoughts with many thoughtful, sensitive, intelligent 'conservatives' or 'republicans' to come to any conclusion heretofore concluded to.

well, I take your point. It's easy to forget that there were, once upon a time, rational, thoughtful, compassionate Republicans who held the care of the nation in higher regard than caring for the off shore bankrolls of themselves and their buddies. The term "Conservative" used to have all kinds of positive meanings for many Republicans as well as Dems and Independents. Of the moderate Republicans I count among my friends, they are now, like Olympia Snow, embarrassed to name their party.

There is nothing "Conservative" about the extreme radical politics as we see in Tea Party Republican State Houses all across the land, as well as the House of Representatives. - Extreme radical politics utilizing techniques professional propaganda machines always use - encouraging low effort sound bite thinking.

In the 70's, discussions with radical lefty politicos, always seemed to revolve around the question of whether or not Liberalism was a defensible position. The same 'true believer' mentality was as obvious on the far left as it is on the far right.

In my post comment I purposely didn't say Republicans and said "conservatives" (as in "social conservatives") instead. I read somewhere that getting the evangelicals is a fairly recent Republican strategy... Reagan maybe? In any case, this "conservatism" has gotten amazingly out of hand.

Al Madrigal conducts great interviews on TDS. Ralph Shortey didn't know what hit him.

That one was great. I was reading the comments at the CC website, boy didn't people get the congresswoman's point!


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