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Rush Limbaugh Apologizes to Sandra Fluke

The lamestream media jumps down Rush Limbaugh's throat for calling one woman he never met a "slut" and a "prostitute," and 12 advertisers pull support from his show.



re: Limbaugh/Colbert. Hah!

So Rush is clueless about how contraception works. And yet he has no children.

Now we understand why. He just likes to watch. Else why ask for sex tapes of young college girls?

I want to offer a heartfelt thank you to Rush. His comments and the ensuing tepid responses vis a vis his comments from Romney and Santorum have demonstrated that they're not exactly strong defenders of women, thus strengthening the likelihood of Obama serving a second term. Women (democrats, most independents, and many republicans) ARE paying attention. No doubt about that.

Women (democrats, most independents, and many republicans) ARE paying attention. No doubt about that.

Feminists are not all women! (and not all women are feminists, sadly)

True. Tim, Norm and Andyo and RedSeven, for example, are feminists. It's just that I've discussed this topic with some Republican women in and they're disgusted with Romney and Santorum. Not all women are feminists, no, but the majority of women are very disgusted with this crap sense what's happening on a more visceral level.

whew! I should have proofread before posting.. anyway, you get the picture

The shaming room..


Yup. Apparently, the entire week will be on the abortion issue. The Register has removed the comic for the week. They can't see fit to move it to the editorial page, which is a fine place for that strip to be, most of the time.


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