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AS Mitt Romney took another decisive step towards the Republican nomination, President Obama asked if he could tell him again how Mormonism got started.



I can barely express how depressing this is. After all these years. After all the work. Education. Contraception. Prenatal testing. Safe, medical termination of pregnancy. My generation. We thought, if nothing else, at least we bequeath to our daughters and granddaughters, a country free of coat hooks in back alleys. After all these years - a Planned Parenthood clinic accessible to any who need a safe place and woman's health care. After all these years of work creating a support infrastructure that empowers young women, enabling them to take responsibility for their reproductive health, with access to information and contraception instead of shaming them after they're pregnant. Texas is turning back title X funds now.

And so, Rick Santorum explains he can't donate to charity because his $980,000 annual income is consumed in caring for his 7 children, including the one requiring round the clock nursing. Yet, he would prohibit prenatal testing that might provide a different family in different circumstance with the opportunity to choose to terminate a pregnancy.

In 2011, a Florida jury awarded a couple $4.5 million in a wrongful birth lawsuit they brought against a doctor who had not told them their son would be born with one leg and no arms. The couple had said they would have sought an abortion if they knew the information.

"The Arizona Senate passed a bill Tuesday that will prohibit medical malpractice lawsuits against doctors who withhold information from a woman that could cause her to have an abortion.... The legislation -- which is currently law in nine states -- is sponsored by a Republican senator with close ties to the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council. The approval comes as Kansas lawmakers consider similar legislation..Under the provisions of her bill, a doctor could not face a medical malpractice suit if the doctor withholds information from a mother about health issues facing a child that could cause her to have an abortion. In addition, a lawsuit could not be filed on the child's behalf regarding a disability....Barto's legislation is quickly drawing opposition from House Democrats, including Rep. Matt Heinz (D-Tucson). Heinz, a physician, said that he does not believe the proposal fits with the role of a doctor and noted that in many cases a woman needs to know of the potential disabilities to prevent health problems that could potentially kill her during child birth."I cannot think of a time that it is right to withhold information from a patient that would cause them pain or death," Heinz told HuffPost. "That is not consistent with the Hippocratic Oath."....A 1994 challenge to the Pennsylvania law ended with the law being upheld by a federal appeals court; the U.S. Supreme Court declinedto hear the case. Kansas lawmakers are currently debating a measure that would allow doctors to withhold information from a mother in order to prevent an abortion and not face a malpractice suit." from John Celock "Wrongful Birth Bill" article on Huffpost

Just as the Middle East seeks to free itself from religious findamentalism, we embrace it. I feel the weight of a Burqa settling over my head. Can devining spectacles be far behind? Too bad, what with the price of gold and all, I fear those plates are but BSP laden polycarbonate.


It is still necessary for me to go the the Forum, click into a thread there, sign in to Movable Type, then come back here to comment. Signing in on the Blog doesn't work.

Betty Jo,

If it heartens you at all, not even Catholic Republicans like Santorum much. Everyone pretty much agrees that Romney is unlikeable. And he's a Mormon, of course. But he has been easily outpolling Santorum among Catholic Republicans. Santorum gets the evangelical douchebags (and Syngas).

That works for me too! I am back, baby!

Oddly enough everything works fine on my home computer and has this problem on my work computer. I had assumed it was some security conflict that my work system had.

I'll believe it when I see a reply to Andyo's test in the forum.

"Norm, It is still necessary for me to go the the Forum, click into a thread there, sign in to Movable Type, then come back here to comment. Signing in on the Blog doesn't work."

comment: me too. a page reload doesn't help. log in to the forum then move back to the blog is the only way I can log in.

Tim: Sadly, it's the State Houses too on this tear against women's rights.

I'll feel better if I see the Dems and others getting really serious about the voter registration/poll tax/photo-id issues. For it's clear the top 1% is gonna hit the polls for Romney. And, his tepid response to Limbaugh tells us much about what "family values" mean to him.

That slobs like Limbaugh or Coulter or Beck or the "late" Mr. Breitbart are welcome at mainstream GOP events tells us that the main stream of the GOP is an open sewer.

I suspect that the Dems are just biding their time, calculating which of the GOP outrages will sell best in the fall, and planning to unload then. Culture war bullshit is cheap. Wall Street/corporate money doesn't care about any of these histrionics. They won't throw their money in to defeat a Democrat who fights culture war issues if they think the Dem in question will play ball when it comes to letting them remain masters of the universe. Of course, they're not worried about the roll back of women's rights either, for that matter. Laws don't apply to masters of the universe anyway - they know that. That's why the Wall Street - sanctimonious redneck coalition works. But I think the culture war issues are going to hurt the GOP more than help them. Obama-hate is enough to get the GOP base to the polls. A culture war may just remind the non-rednecks that Dems do still have some redeeming qualities, even if both parties agree that the rich will continue to really run the asylum.

Well said. We do have a sad state of affairs in government right now. Everyone wants to keep his or her job, pretty much not thinking of the cost to others, so the rights of women, minorities, poor, and disenfranchised be damned.

The only reason to hope we get and keep Dems in office come November is that IF progressives put the screws to them, they are more likely to bend that way. If people sit back and watch, it'll be that train wreck we can't stop watching all over again.

P.S. Signing in works fine for me. I'm wondering if people 1st signed in to Moveable type through the Forum first are experiencing problems more than those who signed in through 1gm. Or is it random?

I just Joann's comment on the Limbaugh thread and she seems to see it pretty much the same way. Limbaugh is a liability now and most of the GOP is too stupid/extreme to recognize it now.

Same as Tim and Betty Jo here, have to log in from the forum. Speaking of which, still can't reply to posts there, get a submission error.


I have just tried to sign in on the blog - "Invalid" message, so I tried on the Forum and - here I am! BTW I signed up originally on the blog and rarely used the forum until Norm suggested I did when I couldn't get in as usual.

I commend to your attention the following article.


"In one of these incidents, he turned his back on a 23-year-old single mother, Peggie Hayes, who had been a Romney family friend and teenage babysitter, because she refused to obey his and the church’s preference that she give up a second, out-of-wedlock child for adoption. Even when Hayes’s baby underwent frightening head surgery nine months after birth, Mitt spurned her call to come to the hospital to confer a blessing on her child. A similar Romney episode originally surfaced in an anonymous first-person account published by a Mormon feminist journal, Exponent II, in 1990. A mother of four learned that she had a blood clot in her pelvis during a later, unexpected pregnancy, putting her own health and that of the fetus at risk. Romney visited the hospital where she “lay helpless, hurt, and frightened,” as she described it, only to tell her that “as your bishop, my concern is with the child.” The woman, who has recently identified herself as Carrel Hilton Sheldon, was enraged that he cared more about “the eight-week possibility” in her uterus than he did about her—and that he offered “judgment, criticism, prejudicial advice, and rejection” at a time when she needed support from spiritual leaders and friends. In an interview with Ronald Scott, the author of a Romney biography published last year, Sheldon tried to be generous when looking back. “Mitt has many, many winning qualities,” she said, “but at the time he was blind to me as a human being.”

All of which is to affirm that George Stephanopoulos was addressing his question to the right candidate when he brought up the banning of contraception at that January debate. Santorum has always been completely candid about his view of women and their status; Romney was the one who had to be smoked out. Romney didn’t take the bait, but even so, his record is clear, and, unlike the angry Santorum, he has the smooth style of a fifties retro patriarch to camouflage the reactionary content. In this sense, his war on women would differ from Rick’s—and Rush’s—only in the way prized by GOP spin artists like Noonan and Matalin. He would never be so politically foolhardy as to spell out on-camera just how broad and nasty its goals really are."


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