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Links With Your Coffee - Weekend Edition

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We won’t be fully in a recovery until the Republicans start calling him a Wiccan,” he said. “And if they start saying he’s a Satanist who practices human sacrifice and drinks the blood of children, then it’ll be time to pop open the champagne.”


Bob Lutz is so full of it, it's patheitic. I found Tyson's response to be remarkably tepid, but then when a guy has the temerity to spout a series of outright lies, it's often difficult to know where to begin.

You're right, it is SO hard to know where to begin with such a person.

I worked with a Marketing manager once who would be perfectly cooperative in working groups, but the minute a senior exec was in a meeting, would lie through his teeth. You can't try persuasion, cuz you know they already know the truth, but are just lying for position.

I do sympathize with the climate scientists. We're all, I think, like Alice in Wonderland these days. I mean, what do ya do with people who think that if someone elses daughter gets gang raped, she can't have an abortion without being raped again by the state with a sonigram probe. Who/what ARE these people?

re: Still Firmly Athiest. hah!

I recently dusted off my copy of Eric Hoffer's "True Believer, Thoughts on the nature of mass movements".

Y'all no doubt remember it. Tho written in 1951, and focused on seeking some understanding of how totalitarian nazi and communist regimes arose, I found much to explain why the Tea Party types are so extraordinarily bizarre. Part of the schizophrenia we're seeing from the Republicans with respect to government (e.g., NO GOVT rhetoric combined with EXTRAORDINARILY intrusive Govt actions, especially against women and immigrants, is explainable by Hoffer's thesis that despite our diefication of the word "Freedom", many in fact seek an escape from freedom in obedience to some movement, ideology or leader.

The problem with any concept such as "freedom" (or should I write "Freedom"?) is that is is just that - a concept, or maybe a construct, that is open to individual interpretation. Maybe one view of "Freedom" is the freedom to be able to surrender to a totalitarian governor. Or the freedom to be allowed to dictate what is clearly "Right" or "Correct" to those who are mistaken or merely confused? On the other hand a simple explanation was given by GBS - "Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it." - which tones well with your Hoffer statement.

Liberty is the right to do what the law permits


If Neil DeGrasse Tyson's reboot of Cosmos does go on air, i may just have to fix my tv reception (digital tv but no digital antenna). Either that or hope hulu picks it up.


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