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Links With Your Coffee Thursday

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People will always believe what they want. Most believe no matter what the facts are. Then there are those who actually bother with facts. Yes, those facts are such a bother!

re: religious freedom vs consumer protection.

Well, anyone choosing to get their medical advice from a church's bill board is probably getting just what they are looking for.

re: backup cameras on cars.

One of those came with our pick up truck. It's pretty cool, but it can't see the chickens behind the truck, I ain't got any kids here to watch for, so what good is it.

re: Gypsy Sister "Most believe no matter what the facts are."

What gets my goat is when the politicians know the facts, and just plain lie about it.

re: "Why we have leap days"

And here I thought it was because once every 4 years, females get to exercise choice and pop the question themselves.

And wasn't Granddad B's birthday on February 29th?

Backup cameras sound like a good idea to me, then I could see who I'm running over and not miss so often.

It's been a mild winter here in Utah but last night we got seven or eight inches. The birds are looking grateful for the feeders there are at least 20 out there right now. Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Butterbutts, Junco's, a Scrub Jay and of course the Chickadee dee dees. Oh no, one of those nasty European Starlings just dropped by.

We got 4 inches of snow, but it's gone already. Unless we start getting some serious recipitation, it's gonna be a really dry summer. There's hardly a measurable snow pack in the Alps.

re birds, I'm delighted to report a pair of Redtail hawks have been working on my gopher problem in the hay field. The pair of wood ducks returned to the pond. Haven't seen many juncos this year, but another pair of hummingbirds have moved in. I've got one pair that never go south for the winter. Our coldest night this winter was 7 degrees. couldn't figure out how those tiny things urvived. Then I found their little nest. It is a carefully woven snuggly ball of long hair from the highland cattle. Did you know that normal hummingbirds fly all the way down to the gulf of Mexico in the fall, then fly straight across the gulf - no stops, no food, no rest. Amazing. Oh, I also encountered a grackle. Opened the wood stove to start the morning fire yesterday, and out it flew. Damn thing pooped all over the front room before I managed to toss a towel over it and get it outside. Course, it's fairly 'birdy' in the front room anyway, I've got 2 dozen baby chicks in a little stock tank next to the stove. They need another week before I can move them out to the side porch. Birders here have just completed their Bald Eagle survey, and the population is way up in the County. That's a good thing I think.

Huh - another friend of mine had a grackle living in his wood stove! She had gotten too big to leave on her own, so they had to open the stove and pull her out.

I too dislike those who know the facts and say the opposite. Lots of pathological liars in government.

"Facts are meaningless - you could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!"  Homer Simpson


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