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Indecision 2012 - Bain Man

Mitt Romney touts his experience at Bain Capital as a strength, but not the experience with leveraged buyouts.



My 1st opinions of Mitt centered around the fact that it was nice to have a moderate GOP candidate, but he won't get elected cause he's Mormon.

Now all I can think is how incredibly arrogant he is. Mitt and Newt are made from the same cloth. What a horrible slate of candidates the GOP has for the country.

Yeah, let's replace the corporate Democrat who hired Wall street parasites to run his treasury department with ... a Wall Street parasite. Cut out the middle man.

Not a great slate all around. At least O has started taking on rhetoric from the progressives. i think if he gets enough pressure and support for progressive ideas, he might even act on them. That's more than I can say for anyone on the right. Not good, but there you have it.


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