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Stephen Colbert Interviews Maurice Sendak

This has to be right up there with the funniest interviews Colbert has done. His own children's book is genius.



re: Colbert and Maurice

OMG, that was great. I wanna be as sharp when I'm Sendak's age.

Thanks for posting this Norm! It makes me want to go out and buy all of Sendak's books.

Ah, credit where credit's due, it was Andy that posted it, great wasn't it?

Oops - my apologies Andyo. Skills of observation going downhill after the weekend, I guess.

Norm lets me post it anyway, so that's fine.

What got me hard was "But Newt Gingrich is... an idiot. Of great renown, I'll give him that". It's like a meta backhanded compliment. Starts as an insult, then an apparent compliment that somehow amplifies the insult.

Loved it! You could just see Sendak figuring out Colbert's shtick as the interview proceeded - after an initial few moments when he seemed to be thinking, "wtf?"

Indeed. One of the early charms of Jon Stewart was watching the interviews with folks who never got beyond "wtf?".

Even now that both Jon Stewart and Colbert are famous, you still sometimes get those interviews where it's clear to the viewer that the guys are just messing with them, but the interviewees are totally clueless. Sendak was SO fast gettin' with the program. First in a long time to give Stephen a run for his money. I also laughed out loud at the Bowdlerization of "In the Night Kitchen", using a scissors to censor the anatomical correctness of the illustrations, but then, since they are precious after all, saving them in a ziploc bag.

BTW Norm, I still have to sign in on the forum then move back to the blog. Is this the new normal? Not complaining, just askin'


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