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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday


You are taking a walk in the woods ― pleasant, invigorating, the sun shining through the leaves. Suddenly, a rattlesnake appears at your feet. You experience something at that moment. You freeze, your heart rate shoots up and you begin to sweat ― a quick, automatic sequence of physical reactions. That reaction is fear.

A week later, you are taking the same walk again. Sunshine, pleasure, but no rattlesnake. Still, you are worried that you will encounter one. The experience of walking through the woods is fraught with worry. You are anxious.

I spent Friday morning sitting on a wooden bench in a fourth-floor courtroom in the New York Criminal Court in Manhattan. I was waiting to be sentenced for “disturbing the peace” and “refusing to obey a lawful order” during an Occupy demonstration in front of Goldman Sachs in November.

Here is the latest video compilation [25:40] by Dr Jonathan T. Pararajasingham, a British neurosurgeon. I’ve previously posted two of his compilations, “20 voices of belief” (academics and theologians) and “100 voices of unbelief” (academics). Here are 30 famous writers expressing their atheism. My favorite is Ian McEwan, who perfectly expresses the gulf between scientific and religious “ways of knowing.”

Supreme Court holds warrantless GPS tracking unconstitutional

All nine justices of the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that police officers violated the Fourth Amendment rule against unreasonable search and seizure when they attached a GPS device to a suspect's car and tracked it for 28 days without a warrant. But the court was split down the middle on the reasoning. Four justices focused on the physical trespass that occurred when the police attached the device, four focused on the violation of the suspect's "reasonable expectation of privacy," and the final justice, Sonia Sotomayor, endorsed both theories.



Good coverage of the Occupy movement in the "Corporate State" article. It's true that the main stream media doesn't really cover the movement much, giving more copy to the arrests made in civil disobedience actions over the reason behind the protests (and you wonder why you may not know what Occupy is about?). Information is more readily available trough The Guardian and alternative and almost always online publications like Truthout, Firedog Lake, etc. (Taibbi and Greenwald execepted, but they have an online presence to buttress print).

I've mentioned before that Occupy will be taking on more issues. Most are related to the preponderance of money in our political system; things like NDAA are on our plate but are not as heavily mired in the money problem.

Norm, if this survey is a problem, I can re-do the post, but Occupy Des Moines has a quick (10 second) survey we're conducting pre-campaigning on this issue. I would love to have some responses from readers here; some of you may already know about ALEC.

Link to a short 2-question survey; your response would be appreciated. ...(tharr be more)

ALEC Survey - Pre-Campaign

Gracias - not OT, but I know that links to other sites aren't always cool here.

Sorry; "tharr be more" comes from a bad copy/paster job!

It's fine by me.

Thanks. I'm chime in with more info once the information campaign is under way. Someone else may post about a related issue before i do anyway.


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