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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday

Coffee Cup

We're back !! I'm with a new host and Google is now reporting no malware. Thanks for your patience. I've also changed how the system handles comments. In the past someone could just register and it would automatically approve the comments. Now after registration the comments are held for approval, when I see that the comment is coming from a legitimate commenter I flag them as trusted and from then on their comments will appear when posted. I've already changed the status of many regulars to trusted and will get to the rest as they post their first comments.

It seems a photo I posted on ID Frontiers started a conversation that culminated in David Sibley, bird expert and author of numerous guides on bird identification and birding, writing an article on "dwarf" birds.

Pity the poor rationalist in polite company. Inevitably, diet has come up, and if the party is in Southern California, chances are somebody was "detoxifying." But to speak out against the anti-scientific orthodoxy that prevails among large segments of the educated class is to paint a stripe down your back and make yourself the skunk at the garden party.

A University of Connecticut researcher who studied the link between aging and a substance found in red wine has committed more than 100 acts of data fabrication and falsification, the university said on Wednesday, throwing much of his work into doubt.

This is one of those memes that refuses to die. It's a zombie-meme, the terminator of myths, one of those ideas of popular culture that everyone knows but is simply wrong - the idea that individuals can be categorized as either left-brain or right-brain in terms of their personality and the way they process information. Related to this is the notion that any individual can either engage their left brain or their right brain in a particular task.



great post, and welcome back!

also, this new comments system is already tops in my book, because it let me successfully create an account (something i was never able to accomplish with the old system for some reason).

Congratulations (this is also a test).

Great news!

One thing, the log-in is a bit shaky here. I can't log in or log out from this page, but when I did through the MT interface and came here again, I was logged in. Using Firefox beta 10 and Chrome on Win 7-64, same deal. When I input my MT credentials, U just get sent back here without having logged in.

The sign-in process is still goofy for me. When I try to sign in on MT in the blog (here) MT seems to be OK with it, but it comes back with no acknowledgement that I'm signed in. If I go to the Forum and sign in on MT in a thread there, then MT "remembers" I'm signed in when I come back here. Basically, it's the same experience as Andyo describes.

That's interesting. The American Enterprise Institute guy doesn't count the virulently anti-science memes that permeate his fellow travelers. The worst of the irrationality is the "detoxification"? Even the religious reference is to being "spiritual".

Perhaps the man should take a tour of the comment section of any decent article concerning climate change - right-wing nuttery everywhere you look.


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