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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday

Coffee Cup

I've turned off comments while checking the site for malware. I've had a lot of problems with spam and I'm trying to determine if there is actually some malware or something else. If your browser or software is reporting problems please send me as detailed an explanation as you can. I've checked a number of reports some have made, but can't duplicate them myself trying a variety of different browers. Sometimes there is a problem on a users computer that gets reported as a problem on the site.

Oh and Happy New Year to all of you, this will be the 11th year for onegoodmove.

And here are a few links I found interesting, perhaps you will too.

What do you think would happen if you gave a bunch of "complementary and alternative medicine" practitioners access to a big pot of money -- say, up to $10,000 per patient -- and let them treat patients virtually without restriction, hampered only by a fee schedule. No utilization review, no refusal based on a treatment's being "experimental" -- none of the usual foils which trip up CAM practitioners in the health insurance field.

Think they'd run up the bill? Yes, they would.

In fact, that's exactly the scenario playing out in Florida right now with the state's no-fault auto insurance.



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