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With love from Des Moines (not a musical thread)

For those of you who haven't heard, Occupy Des Moines has held the People's Caucus to prepare for the first in the nation Occupy the caucuses. I'm not in town this week, but I've been checking in on them with the help of the interwebs. If you want to participate, the event runs through January 3rd, the date of the actual caucus vote. The events are non-violent, complete with training, and people from across the nation have shown up to support the cause. Obama's office and the Democratic National headquarters were the 1st place (done prior to Christmas) for people to gather and demand answers to their questions and complaints. Arrests have been made; Des Moines PD and the occupiers have a good relationship and they will let protesters who wish not to be arrested leave, while those wishing to make a statement are cuffed and taken in peacefully. Apparently some were able to give interviewed before heading to jail. Appropriate links are below (I haven't had enough internet access to look at everything, but I've read comments on all of these):

CSPAN covered the People's caucus and put the video here.

The Occupy Des Moines homepage is here. The Occupy the caucuses page will take you to the need to know info for the event. I've been trying to locate the url for their live feed, and can't find it at the moment. Sometimes it surfaces on the facebook page (Occupy DSM), but I'm limited time-wise to hunt for it today - maybe when i return to join them this weekend.

There was an interview with Ed Fallon, a local ex-politician but current community activist on the Rachel Maddow show Wednesday. He appears toward the dn, so if you read through the transcript, you'll need to click on show more text. I found the video on bing. The focus on Occupy Des Moines starts at approximately 2'43" in the clip.

Norm, i hope you don't mind the off-topic (for me) thread. Happy New Year!



Good on you for getting involved in Occupy.

I was noting the mega bucks Chase Bank has been spending on prime time TV advertisement, patting themselves on the back for hiring some Vets. Without 'Occupy Atlanta', we'd never have heard about Chase trying to evict a single Mom Vet, retired on disability from the Military. She contacted Occupy, they stopped the eviction after which even the marketing dweebs at Chase realized it was bad press, so they finally agreed to renegotiate her mortgage payments (the vet had been trying to work with them for months to do so).

T'was the best good news report of the day that she managed to save her house for herself and her kids, and it never would have happened without help.

Sometimes all it takes is enough folks just saying "NO!".

Indeed, thanks for posting it.


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