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Our Religious Heritage

Funny that he doesn't mention our democratic heritage.

And here is a lovely response from The Second City.



That is really amusing, thanks for posting it.

Hee hee!

It's also funny how you can replace the proper nouns in most right-wing rhetoric with "Negroes" or "Jews" and the message stays more or less the same! Bigotry can be surprisingly dynamic!

This is great! I just showed this to a friend who was sure the Perry ad was a joke.

The capper for me was the ad "Happy Holidays [not Merry CHRISTmas] from Newt."

This pair is definitely worth sharing.

Ha! I just saw this ad and came to see if people were talking about it.

First google result took me here

Check comment #3, I didn't know you could pack so many conservative tropes in such little space.

Also, someone on the internet noticed something peculiar about his dress-up:

re: Rick's dress-up outfit.

Loved the outfit. Carhaart's are the best. Always thought Rick was a bit too handsome. Hell, he didn't even have a hat, much less the cattle.

But, that said, this is a really hard time to be an Athiest. Kids are coming up to the ranch for Christmas. We just returned from the woodlot with a truck load of boughs, after locating several candidate Christmas trees for the kids to cut down. But Christmas carols just aren't the same when it's just some other poor homeless kid instead of little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay.

Anyone know where I can find a Coupon, good til December 26th, that lets Atheists be Christians, just for the next few weeks? I'm willin' to return to reason afterwards. I promise. But there's so much good music associated with superstition, and now that all the Christmas lite strings are LED, it's even ecologically sound to put up lights along the front of the barn, and we saved the paper and ribbons from last year, and Mellie has a great hazelnut Christmas cookie recipe, and....

If it weren't for Christmas, we'd have nuthin' to look forward to until the Fiesta bowl (Go Stanford).

Eh, the only parts of Christmas that require you to be christian are the song Holy night, and church services. I am second generation atheist and have never had to turn down nog. Lactose free nog anyway.

hey, some of us count not having to listen to christmas music pretty much a, um, blessing.

Rick Perry's 'Strong' Ad Surpasses Rebecca Black's 'Friday' With More Dislikes On YouTube

re: Nog. There'll be plenty of eggnog here. The chickens are highly light sensitive. They spotted the little Christmas lights on the barn, and now they think it's spring. Egg production is way up.

re:"hey, some of us count not having to listen to Christmas music pretty much a, um, blessing."

do I hear another Bah humbug? That's what husband says when the carols come out.

do I hear another Bah humbug? That's what husband says when the carols come out.

Yeah, it's been my experience that my female friends enjoy the xmas festivities while my male friends are more or less bah humbug about it all.


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