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Links With Your Coffee - Tuesday

Coffee Cup

By now, the intelligence of birds is well known. Alex the African gray parrot had great verbal skills. Scrub jays, which hide caches of seeds and other food, have remarkable memories. And New Caledonian crows make and use tools in ways that would put the average home plumber to shame.

I have been an atheist since I was 13 but shortly after having kids I spent 5 years pretending to be a christian - a fundamentalist christian. The kids were going to church and Sunday school every week, sometimes more than once a week. I was a methodist as a kid and was not worried. I thought that it would be nice for them to know about religion and never thought that it would take over their minds. Everyone told them that the crazy was true and I kept silent. I was an atheist raising fundamentalist kids. Just a few short years after I stopped pretending they have both come out as atheists.



Why do birds fall down from the sky 'cause Kim Jong-il had to die Just like me, they had to be Dead to you...

On the day that he was born the commies got together And decided to create a dream come true So they sprinkled loon dust in his hair and golden starlight in his eyes too

That is why all the girls in town (Girls in town) Followed him (Followed him) All around (All around) Just like me, they long to be Dead to you...

Norm, I presume the malware you were talking about was a false positive? I've been getting a block with Avast, on the script mt.js in your server, for the past few days. I can't log in without it, but obviously I just let it run just now.


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