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Starlings Doing Their Thing

Imagine our surprise this morning when we were created with this display on the Antelope Island Causeway



I was watching Up with Chris Hayes this morning and he showed a video of a murmuration of Starlings. I googled these birds and discovered that they can imitate human voices rather well.

These birds migrate through our town behave the same way, except that they sit down on wires when they're not in flight.

N.B. You've got a homonym error in the title, Norm!

That's just where they're doing the thing.

Just saw Jurassic Park again the other day (blu-ray just came out and wanted to check it out in HD), and the dinosaurs did this!

I hadn't noticed before, probably cause the last time I saw it I was a teenager, but the underlying theme of the movie is that the guy thinks birds are descended from dinosaurs. Effects have aged surprisingly well, the plot hasn't.

I love the Antelope Island causeway, Phalaropes to the north, Eared Grebes, Black-necked Stilts and Avocets to the south! And now flocking starlings too.

Birds are indeed considered to be descended from a branch of the dinosaurs.

Superb video, thank you Norm!


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