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Sorry, didn't get it... Conan does what?

Something awesome, that's what he does.

For shame, California.



Here's a relevant video you guys MUST watch; you'll love it.

I think "push the envelope" is some sort of sex technique like a "rusty trombone" or a "Stanley steamer." I'm not sure about the details but I have heard that you need to be extremely flexible to pull it off correctly.

P.S. TV news is fucking worthless.

TV news is fucking worthless.

No shit.

The Mormon church spent hundreds of millions of dollars - mostly under the table - to get the anti-gay marriage initiative passed in California. The Catholic church was right behind including using fear-mongering (gay = child molester) on their congregations.

Yeah, no surprise there. If you were hanging around here around that time, you may remember we talked about it quite a bit, I clicked on the "gay marriage" tag and dug up one post I'd forgotten in which a certain someone just out of the blue assumed I was gay, just cause of the "pro" comments.

Maybe this is a delayed effect from the writers strike. Now there's only one, highly paid - albeit poor - writer. Lots of breeaders though.


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